I love teaching to fish verses giving a fish After living in...

Tony - September 17 2018, 2:48 PM

I love teaching to fish verses giving a fish

After living in Haiti the better part of the last four years theres more to this than just starting a business and allowing somebody to operate it

The training necessary to run and operate, grow and expand a business is not a natural thing for the people that have been sitting and there is little training for them.

The average person would suck all the resources from the business in the first 30 days because they don't have training or the discipline know how to handle the money from the business

I train teen children and give them the opportunity to have hands on in small businesses that they help to create-
Snack bar, Pate and hotdog sales, English School
Small Store.

As the months pass they learn many things
we are still early in this process but the hope is that after an amount of time of being virtual business owners the business is transferred to the student who are now better equipped

Money that is made during the training goes back into the business or used to start new business

In my 27 years of coming to Haiti I have learned if you are a well intentioned individual and give something you will not see a return of any kind

It takes at least a year or 2 of training for anyone here to be prepared enough to be successful
Not unlike anywhere else

Even the most simple business requires education of some sort

we also found it benificial to teach money management for their personal lives
Because they never had $ they don't don't what to do with it other than spend it all and remain poor

We are finally at the place we believe we can launch 8 more small business (we currently have 4)
An average cost of under $300.00 per start up

Looking for sponsors now

gr8impacmin [at] yahoo.


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