Haiti Music - Ti Mamoun Raboday Star J-VENS has Died

J-Vens (Ti Mamoun) Haitian Raboday Music star Evens Joseph alias J-Vens has died Sadurday 15 Apr 2017. J-Vens is well known for his his music Ti Mamoun. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Ex President Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky) to Appear in COURT in 3 Days OR Else...

PHOTO: Haiti - Sweet Micky Dancing - Lilianne Pierre Paul, Jean Monard The Artist Sweet Micky (ex-President Michel Martelly) has 3 days to in show up in COURT to apologize to journalists Liliane Pierre Paul and Jean Monard Metellus of he will face some serious consequences... more »

AUDIO Haiti - The SWEET Micky Interview that Drove Jean Monard Metellus OUT of Radio Caraibes FM

Jean Monard Metellus Listen to the full AUDIO Interview -- Haitian Journalist Jean Monard Metellus is so upset at Radio Caraibes FM staff Bregard Anderson following a live interview with Artist Sweet Micky, former president Michel Martelly, that he may have walked away from the radio station... more »

Haiti Money - What Can You do with $25.00 US in Haiti These Days? Read This...

Currency: Haitian Gourde, US Dollar, Domincan Peso What can you do with $25.00 US in Haiti these days? A hell of a lot more than you can do with it if you live in the United States of America... Recently I had $25 dollars U.S. in my pocket in Haiti, I exchanged it for Haitian Gourdes... If you live in the US, this may surprise you... more »

Petionville Haiti - At Least 7 Dead from a Drinking Alcohol which causes Blindness before Death

PHOTO: Alcohol death in Haiti Haitian Tafiateurs beware... There is a deadly drinking alcohol on the market... least 7 people are reported dead in Petionville in this rare case of alcohol consumption according to the city mayor, Some people who consume the alcohol became blind before their died... more »

84 PHOTOS... Haiti CARIFESTA 2015 - Look...

PHOTO: Haiti - CARIFESTA XII - Day2 We have more PHOTOS for you from Haiti CARIFESTA 2015 in Champs-de-Mars. Day 2 had a lot of dance and art shows. See all the tourists walking through Champs-de-Mars... Look at all the photos here... more »

56 PHOTOS... Haiti CARIFESTA 2015 - Look...

Haiti CARIFESTA XII - J Perry and Mikaben Perform Theme Song, Openning Ceremony We have Some PHOTOS for you from Haiti CARIFESTA 2015 in Champs-de-Mars... Gade photo... Anpil photo from the opening days... Bagay yo bel anpil... Haiti is really looking good in the eyes of the world... Look at all the photos here... more »

Carolyn Desert Crowned Miss Haiti 2014

PHOTO: Carolyn Desert crowned Miss Haiti 2014 Haitian model Carolyn Desert was crowned Miss Haiti 2014 last night, Saturday, 06 September 2014 at the Karibe Convention Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti... more »

Don Kato (Brothers Posse) at NY Labor Day Festival 2014 - LIVE on a Float...

PHOTO: Haiti Don Kato sou Ticket Magazine, li pwal nan Labor Day Festival Haitian singer Don Kato of Brothers Posse will be performing live on a CHAR (float) in the streets of Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York this Labor Day, 01 September 2014... This news has been resonating on Haitian radio the past few days... more »

Haiti - Radio lot nation pa janm jwe mizik Haitien, Radio Haiti jwe TOUT bagay - Poukisa?

Haiti Radio Problem mwen ak MEDIA HAITIEN --- Mwen pase yon ti bout tan Sen Domeng, mwen pan janm tande yon station Dominicain jwe ni Mizik Haitien, ni mizik Jamaicain, panyol selman... Se sòt yo sòt? Inyorans? Oswa yo konnen yon bagay nou menm Haitien pa konnen? more »