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Water Fasting: Haitians swear if you don't eat for a day, you could die, LOL!

Many Haitians say if you don't eat for a day, "gas ap anpare w" (gas will overtake you, so to speak). What exactly do they mean by that?

US Justice Dept trying to reverse TPS ruling so Trump Administration can deport Haitians

The U.S. Department of Justice is asking a federal appeals court to overturn a New York federal judge's decision earlier this year that blocked the Trump administration from ending Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, for tens of thousands of Haitians.

Nationwide street protests announced in Haiti this Friday

The politics opposition in Haiti announced a nationwide street protests this Friday, 20 Sept, 2019, in another attempt get rid of President Jovenel Moise.

Haiti Fuel Crisis: Govt said 146,000 of Gasoline in distribution

The scarcity of fuel in Haiti is about to become a thing of the past for time being. Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin announced the first tanker had docked at the terminal Thor with 146,000 barrels of gasoline. He made it clear. Gasoline.

New day of ''peyi lok'' in Port-au-Prince and some provincial towns

Haiti is in Peyi Lock mode once again... All activities were stalled on Monday, September 16th in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and in the main provincial cities of the country. Another day of '' peyi lòk '' despite the call for calm and the promise of a new gas supply from the government, Le Nouvelliste reports.

Haitian School teacher complains his paycheck is worth half its values from few years back

As the U.S. Dollar goes up in value in Haiti, so does everything else except a teacher's salary. A Haitian School teacher complains that his paycheck is only worth half its values from a few years back.

Fact: Many Haitian-Americans are addicted to debt and they don't even realize it

Growing up in a country that has nothing, sometimes you come to America and you find yourself addicted to buying unnecessary things on credit. I have something to tell you.

500,000 barrels of fuel will arrive in Haiti by Monday, Prime Minister said

"We are in the process of finalizing a new order of 500,000 barrels for the three petroleum products," Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin confirmed Wednesday.

Consumers in Haiti complain fuel pumps are selling gas in the black market

There is a strange situation happening in Haiti right now. Fuel pumps refilled with gasoline diesel one day are said to be empty the next day. Consumers are complaining that many of these fuel pumps are selling gas in the black market.

3 Haitians die in Port-au-Prince flood water on a Tap-Tap

3 Haitian citizens fell to their deaths from the back of a tap-tap after flood water took them away in Port-au-Prince Haiti.