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Haiti Hotels - Marriott visits North, Center and Western Haiti seeking new Opportunities

Marriott Hotel in Haiti - Miniature Plan Will Marriott be building more than one Hotel in Haiti? Does Marriott have more plans in Haiti? Maybe... Read this... A large delegation of Marriott officials visited North, Center, and Western Haiti, from 18 to 21 November, in search of new investment opportunities... more »

Haiti - British warship arrives in Cap-Haitien, 21-Gun salute creates panic in the city

Royal Navy warship HMS Iron Duke Pays Visit To Haiti Residents of Cap Haitien were in shock Sunday... A warship from the United Kingdom's Royal Navy, the HMS Iron Duke, arrived at the port of Cap Haitien in 23 November and some Haiti news media reported panic in the city after the warship fired a 21-gun salute as a military honor... more »

Haiti - Combien Chambre a Coucher ki genyen nan yon Kay 6 Pyes?

Yon ti kay tòl sou Gran Chimen Haiti Kounyea... Tèt Nèg... Mezanmi, kisa sa vle di lè yon Kay genyen 6 Pyès? --- Alèkile, la jeunesse Haitienne vinn tèlman eklere yo pa menm konnen kobyen pyès kay ki genyen nan yon kay. Map eseye eksplike yon moun ke lakay papa-m la genyen 5 pyès kay, li di-m oh non, se 2 chanm a kouche li ye... Ki afè de chanm a kouche w-ap pale laa? se 5 pyès kay wi mwen di-w... LOL... more »

Cardinal Chibly Langlois Celebrates mass in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida this Sunday

Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois celebrating Mass at St Jerome Church in Brooklyn NY Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois will celebrate mass in Little Haiti this Sunday, 23 November 2014, at the Notre Dame Catholic Church... Mass starts at 9:30 am... more »

Poukisa Haitiens pa genyen Passport CARICOM?

PHOTO - Haitian Passports Nan tout 12 peyi yo ki membre CARICOM, Haiti se yonn nan 3 peyi ki pa genyen passport CARICOM. Poukisa? President Michel Martelly te reponn konsa nan yon interview li te bay... more »

In Haiti, Domino's Pizza is an upper-class luxury

Domino's Pizza in Haiti In the United States, Domino's Pizza, the second-largest pizza chain after Pizza Hut, is available everywhere... In Haiti, the only Domino's in town sits in Petionville and lunch at Domino's Pizza is an upper-class luxury, according to an article recently published on more »

Haiti Burial - Fans and Friends say Goodbye to Jean Marie Gabriel - Funeral Wednedsay

Jean Marie Gabriel - Host of Matin Caraibes on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM The funeral for Jean Marie Gabriel, one of the hosts of the morning show Matin Caraibes on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM, is happening at 7:00 this Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014 at Parc du Souvenir cemetery in Tabarre, Port-au-Prince Haiti... more »

Haiti - President Martelly DID NOT attend 18 November Te Deum Cap-haitien Cathedal

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly depose Fleurs Vertières - 18 Novembre 2014 Breaking News... It has just been reported that Haiti President Michel Martelly did not attend the 18 November ceremonial Te Deum at cathédrale du Cap-haitien to commemorate the Bataille de Vertiere... This is a first reporters say... more »

Haiti Rumors - King Kessy of Koudjay is Dead - Koudjay Manager says FALSE!

PHOTO: King Kessy Koudjay King Kessy of KOUDJAY is NOT Dead... Many Haitians woke up to the news this morning that Haitian singer King Kessy of the racine Group Koudjay is DEAD... This is NOT TRUE according to an audio release by the manager of the group... more »

FLASH... Haiti Pastor Jean Marie of Delmas 17 is Dead

PHOTO: Haiti - Pasteur Jean Marie - Eglise de Dieu de Delmas 17 Breaking News... The famous pastor Jean Marie Desir of the Eglise de Dieu de Delmas 17 is dead... News came pouring in on the Haitian Social Media Networks... We just called a member of the Church who confirmed to us that, indeed, Pasteur Jean Marie Desir passed away... This is a big loss for the Christian Community... more »