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Haiti Energy : As Oil Prices Fall, Venezuela in Financial Trouble, What Happens to PetroCaribe?

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Gas prices is falling everywhere but in Haiti, prices remain the same... Venezuela is having a tough time financially... PetroCaribe is "on life support," The Miami herald writes... What is the future for energy in Haiti? more »

Haiti Media Crisis - Journalists Receive CASH Gifts from the National Palace, Radio Kiskeya not Happy

PHOTO: Haitian Money - Haitian Currency - One Gourde Haiti Radio Kiskeya blows the whistle on what they call "Acts of Corruption from the National Palace." Various Journalists were invited into the National Palace on 23 December 2014 and received envelopes with a CASH prize inside in the amount of 40,000 and 50,000 gourdes... Liliane Pierre-Paul is pissed, Lucien Jura explains... more »

Haiti Ask MINUSTAH Not to Withdraw Troops Until After the Elections...

MINUSTAH Rèd Kon Ke Makak Haiti Justice Minister Pierre Richard Casimir asks MINUSTAH to remain in Haiti and NOT withdraw any more troops at least until after the 2015 elections... more »

Haiti Police Nationale - 25th Promotion just Graduated...

PHOTO: Haiti - New Police Graduates, 25th Promotion Haiti Security - The 25th promotion of the Haiti National Police force has just graduated... That means more police presence in the streets of Haiti to fight crime... to protect and serve a population in need of more security. more »

Chicago - Haitian founder Jean Baptiste DuSable Statue Vandalized

Jean Baptiste DuSable Satue Vandalized The bronze statue honoring Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, the Haitian founder of Chicago, was vandalized recently, vandals painted over the eyes of the statue with black paint... more »

Haiti Hospital Saint-Francois de Sales Rebuilt and Inaugurated Thursday

PHOTO: Nouveau Hopital Saint-Francois de Sales - Port-au-Prince Haiti The newly rebuilt Haiti University Hospital Saint-Francois de Sales was inaugurated Thursday, 12 Jan 2015... Saint-Francois de Sales now has 190 beds with the capacity for 3,500 hospitalizations per year... more »

Haiti - Be prepared for Massive Earthquake, Region Overdue for 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake

Homeless In Haiti Can Haiti withstand another earthquake 32 times more powerful the the 12 Janvier 2010 Earthquake? We better be prepared because "we are long overdue for a magnitude 8.0 earthquake, which has 32 times more energy than the Haiti event," the Seismic Research Centre (SRC) of the University of the West Indies (UWI) said... more »

French-Haitian man Arrested in Connection to Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Fritz-Joly Joachin Haitian Arrested in Charlie Hebdo Killings Fritz-Joly Joachin, a French citizen of Haitian origin, has been arrested in connection to the Charlie Hebdo Massace... According to news reports, Joachin was was in contact with one of the Charlie Hebdo killers before the massacre... more »

Haiti Needs a Constructive Opposition, EU Chief Federica Mogherini says

Federica Mogherini - European Union "Haiti needs steady and effective government and constructive opposition, rising above partisan differences, to steer the nation towards sustainable development." these are the word of Federica Mogherini, High Representative and Vice President of the European Union... more »

Haiti - Ministe Lajistis denonse plan zot pou femen lekol epi fose elev yo pran lari...

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation - Paran ap kouri retire pitit yo lekol AN KREYOL pou tout moun konprann... Ministè La Jistis ap enfòme piblik la an jeneral ak paran an patikilye ke kek endividi ki politikman motive, fè plan pou yo deranje lòd piblik jounnen Madi, 13 janvye 2015 la... Plan yo se pou atake lekòl sou laparans de yon swadizan batay sendikal. more »