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FLASH - Haiti - Prison Break in Cap Haitien Early Saturday 20 September 2014

Haiti Prison Break Breaking News - There is another Haiti Prison in Haiti, this time in Cap Haitien prison... 5 prisoners attempted to escaped at the Prison Civile du Cap Haitien early Saturday Morning 20 Sep 2014, around 2 am, two were stoped by police and 3 got away... more »

Haiti - Pouse yon bouret pa vle di Bouretye pou sa - Yon Istwa...

Haiti - de mesye ki ap pouse bourèt pou yo cheche pain quotidien yo... Nan Cap-Haitien, te gen yon ti tonton ki te konn pouse bourèt bò mache a. Manman li te mouri kite li ak yon ti sè pou li okipe. misye pat ka jwenn anyen pou li fè pou li mete manje nan vant li ak nan vant ti sè a, li sètoblije pouse yon bouret pou li degaje li. more »

Haiti Prison Break was to Liberate Clifford Brandt, Haitian Police Confirms

PHOTO: Clifford Brandt Tet Kale, La Police Kenbe misye... The BIG Haiti prison break that took place at the Prison Civil de Croix-des-Bouquets last month was designed get Clifford Brandt out of prison, says police Inspector Genreal Ralph Stanley Jean Brice... Five Haitian police officers participated in the prison break and they were motivated by money he says... more »

Haiti - Penitencier National to be Demolished soon

PHOTO: Penitencier National - Port-au-Prince Haiti Haiti's National Penitentiary (Penitencier Nationale) in downtown Port-au-Prince will soon be demolished, Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon recently told the Associated Press... more »

Haiti Fiscal Year (Exercise Fiscal) Explained - Start and end dates

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti In Haiti you often hear the term "Exercise Fiscal" and, if you are a foreigner or a diaspora who's been out of Haiti for too long, you ask yourself what's that? Let me tell you... more »

Haiti is Moving from Standard Passports to Electronic ePassports

PHOTO - Haitian Passports Haitian authorities have decided to move from machine-readable standard passports to biometric or electronic ePassports... According to new reports from Haiti, the Haitian minister of Interior had a meeting Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), a German company who specializes in banknote and securities printing, and the Haiti Directorate of Immigration and Emigration (DIE) to organize a gradual transition from ordinary passport to ePassport... more »

Cap Haitien Haiti - New Taxis for Airport Passengers

PHOTO: Haiti Tourist Taxi Haitian taxi drivers serving Cap Haitien's Hugo Chavez International Airport are getting ready to serve the New international passengers arriving in the city and the Minister of Tourism want to equip them with fresh new taxi cabs... more »

Haiti - Autoroute de Delmas Overpass expected to be ready 60 days into 2015

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly on top of the Overpass at Autoroute de Delmas Haitian drivers may begin to cruise above and below the Autoroute de Delmas at Kafou Aeroport (Boulevard Toussaint Louverture) as early as March 2014, according Philippe Cineas, Secretary of state for public works, The Overpass is expected to be ready 60 days into 2015 he says... more »

Haiti - Cap-Haitien Airport will be Ready for 02 October 2014 American Airlines Inaugural Flight

PHOTO: Aeroport International Cap-Haitien Planning a flight to northern Haiti next month? The Cap-Haitien International Airport will be ready for Inaugural flight of American Airlines scheduled for 02 October 2014, says Philippe Cineas, secretary of state of Public Works... more »

New Prison in Northern Haiti to be built by a USA Construction Company

PHOTO: Haiti Prison - Prisoner in Haiti The US Government has just awarded a contract to a construction company in Maryland to build a two-story prison in Northern Haiti, This new prison will be designed to hold 300 prisoners... more »