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Haiti Immigration - Finally 60,000 Passport Books now in Stock

PHOTO - Haitian Passports There has been a Passport crisis in Haiti for a while... FINALLY, some good news... 60,000 passport books are now available, Minister of Communication Rothchild Francois Jr said Friday... more »

Statue of Toussaint Louverture unveiled at La Rochelle France

PHOTO: New Toussaint Louverture Statue in La Rochelle France A new statue of Haitian revolutionary leader Toussaint Louverture has been erected in La Rochelle France, an old slave-trade town, in the courtyard musée du Nouveau Monde de La Rochelle (Hotel Fleuriau)... more »

Haiti Elections - Actress Nice Simon, Anne from I Love you Anne, Candidate for Mayor of Tabarre

I love You Anne Have you heard? Don Kato and Pere Demeran are not the only Superstar candidates in the upcoming Elections... Nice Simon, Anne from the movie "I Love you Anne" is a candidate for Mayor of Tabarre... more »

Son of Former Honduras President Arrested in HAITI on Drug Charges

The son of former President Porfirio Lobo was arrested in Haiti in an apparent anti-drug operation carried out by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Haitian authorities... more »

Beyonce Visits Haiti - Facebook Users cry: "Celebrity PHOTO Opportunity"

PHOTO: Beyonce in Haiti Facebook users are not too happy about Beyonce's recent visit to Haiti, the New York Times reports... To them it's just a celebrity photo opportunity... YES... Beyonce did visit Haiti but I didn't really feel like telling you that another celebrity is in Haiti looking good amongst the poor Haitian people... more »

Haiti Culture - Cine TRIOMPHE Inauguration Thursday 21 May

PHOTO: Haiti - Cine Triomphe, Newly Renovated Good news for Haiti Cinema... the newly renovated Cine TRIOMPHE in downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti wil be inaugurated on Thursday, 21 May 2015... more »

Haiti Tourism - Travel to Haiti Just Got Easier... Read this...

Tourists at the Beach in Club Indigo beach resort in Montrouis Haiti Booking travel to Haiti just go easier... Haiti has just been added to the American Airlines Vacations program to ensure travelers can more easily be able to book their hotel and air travel to Haiti simultaneously... Now when travelers book air travel, they will be given the option to also book a hotel in Haiti. more »

Haiti - Manman Doudou, 3eme Edition, 16-17 Mai OAVCT Tabarre

Haiti - Manman Doudou, Papa Cheri Mèt Fè Vèt (Harry Nicholas) envite tout moun nan 3eme edition Manman Doudou jounen Samedi 16 ak Dimanche 17 Mai 2015 la nan OAVCT, Tabarre, Port-au-Prince Haiti... Fwa saa se pap manje lokal selman, se pwal yon gro mache agrikol manmam doudou pou 29 produits local... Rantre Gratis... more »

Haiti received 1.9 Billion Dollars from the Diaspora in 2014

USA Money dollar bill Can you believe this? Haitians in the diaspora sent a whopping 1.9 BILLION dollars in money transfers to their family and friends living in Haiti in the year 2014... That's not counting money sent in the pockets of Haitians traveling back to Haiti... more »

Haitien an mande-m 50 goud, mwen gen problem 500 dola, kob mwen pa kont, kisa pou-m fe?

Money Patched Up Piggy Bank Banm poze-w yon keksyon: Si yon moun vini kote-w li mande-w pou w fè-l kado 50 goud pandan ke ou menm, ou genyen problem 500 dola americain pa-w ke wap jere epi kob ou pa kont, eske w-ap bay li??? Eske ou mechan, eske ou malonèt si ou di NON??? more »