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FLASH: Haiti - CUSTOMS building burned down in Terrier Rouge, Customs Vehicle set on Fire, 1 Dead

PHOTO: Haiti - La Douane Trou-Du-Nord BOULE An angry Haitian mob burned down the Customs building at Terrier Rouge, Haiti, Friday and set a Customs vehicle on fire after a Customs agent shot at a vehicle carrying contraband trying to evade a checkpoint killing a passenger on board... more »

Haiti is Living Beyond its Means, Wilson Laleau says

Money Patched Up Piggy Bank Have you heard the News? Haiti is leaving way beyond its means, Haiti spends 35 percent MORE each year than it has... Wilson Laleau, Haiti's Minister of Economy and Finance, said this recently before businessmen meeting in the Economic Forum of the Haitian private sector... more »

28 July 2015 marks 100 Years since the USA Invaded Haiti

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government Today, Tuesday July 28, 2015, marks 100 years to the day since United States Occupation of Haiti began... It was on July 28, 1915, that 330 US Marines landed at Port-au-Prince Haiti to begin what the Americans called: safeguarding the interests of US corporations... After 100 years, where is Haiti now??? more »

Haiti - Health : 1 Soda Per Day Increases Your Risk of Diabetes even if you are skinny

PHOTO: Haiti - Coca Cola Bottled Drink Many Haitians drink soda like water almost everyday, in Haiti and in the Diaspora, but did you know??? Drinking soda everyday increases your risk of type 2 diabetes even you are a skiny and normal-weight person... more »

Haiti - Martelly back with the Haitian ARMY, Recruitment begins October 2015

The Haitian Armed Forces Haiti President Michel Martelly has announced its intention to form a new Haitian armed force before the end of his term. The process should be launched in October 2015, five months before the end of his administration, Radio Metropole reports... more »

Haiti Money - Martelly blames Former Haitian Leaders for Depreciation of the Gourde to the US Dollar

PHOTO: Haitian Money - Haitian Currency - One Gourde Haiti Money Update -- If the Haitian Gourde has lost so much value to the U.S. Dollar, it is because of past mistakes of former Haitian Leaders, President Michel Martelly said on the election trail... more »

Haiti - Bill Clinton daughter Chelsea Clinton Coming to Haiti

PHOTO: Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Coming to Haiti - The Clinton Foundation announced Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea will be in Haiti along with Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala to lead a group of philanthropists, business leaders, and Clinton Foundation supporters to visit and see the works the foundation is doing in Haiti. more »

Haiti Education - New School for the Deaf may be Coming Soon

Education in Haiti Haiti is moving toward the establishment of a new school for death children... Education Minister Nesmy Manigat launched the first Symposium on deaf education in Haiti last week, Wednesday... more »

Haiti : A New Social Class has Emerged, The NGO Class, Read all about it...

PHOTO: Haiti - NGO Class Have you heard? Haiti has a new Social Class called the "NGO Class..." It is group of expatriates comfortably living in Haiti making big money, BIG AID money, working for the more than 10,000 non-governmental organizations who are operating in the country... more »

Haiti - Big Corruption SCANDAL at the Haitian Port Authority APN

PHOTO: Haiti New APN - Haitian National Port Authority News broke in Haiti about a 10 Million U.S. Dollar corruption SCANDAL at the Haitian National Port Authority (APN)... 143 checks totaling some 10 million US dollars issued by the shipping agency Seaboard Marine of Haiti SA to the order of APN were diverted to a company called APNI / Import-Export... more »