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PHOTO: Haiti - Ex-Military Men in the Streets of Port-au-Prince Friday

PHOTO: Haiti ex-Military in the Streets of Port-au-Prince Haiti radio Signal FM reports hundreds of ex military men from the old disbanded army, Les Forces Armee d'Haiti, occupied the streets of Port-au-Prince Friday... Many of these men are armed with all kinds of weapons, from handguns to bigger automatic weapons... more »

Haiti - Jean Jean Roosevelt Writes a SONG to support Liliane Pierre-Paul

PHOTO: Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist Haitian Singer Jean Jean Roosevelt Has just released a song in support of journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul in the midst of the Sweet Micky "Ti Lili Kanaval" Phenomenon... "Reste Debout Lili," (Keep your head up Lili) is the title the song... more »

Haiti - President Martelly's KANAVAL 2016 Song Getting International Media Attention

Shabba ak President Martelly ap pran plezi yo nan Kanaval Haiti Kanaval 2016 Update - The International Media is talking about President Michel Martelly's Sweet Micky KANAVAL 2016 Song Ti LILI "Bal Bannan Nan"... So far, articles appearing on The New York Post, The Guardian and Yahoo News describes it as Sexist and an attack on Journalists... more »

Haiti Kanaval 2016 - So far, No STAND is being Built at Champs-de-Mars

Haiti Kanaval 2014 Gonaives - Stand yo komanse Konstwi Haiti Kanaval 2016 Update -- As of Monday, 01 February 2016, No Carnival STAND is being built at Champs-de-Mars as of yet... Carnaval is scheduled for Sunday, 6 days from now... more »

Haiti Sports - Naomi Osaka, The Japanese Tennis Player, She's Haitian...

PHOTO: Haiti Sports - Naomi Osaka, Haitian-Japanese Tennis Player Haiti Sports - If you are a Tennis fan they you probably heard about Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player who is making a big name for herself. But did you know? Naomi is Haitian... more »

Haiti Health - ZIKA Virus is spreading in rapidly in the country, Pregnant Women Beware

Aedes aegypti - Chikungunya spreading mosquito Haiti Health - The ZIKA Virus is spreading in rapidly in the country, It is so alarming that the ministry of public health has gone on radio to alert the population. more »

Haiti Sees Tourism Promises Fade Amidst Electoral Tensions

Beautiful Caribbean beach in Jacmel Haiti Read this from a TIMES article: Haiti today is far better known for its disasters, man-made and natural, than its beaches... For Haiti's government, desperate to make its country part of the Caribbean tourism market, the renewed political volatility is a disaster... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Clifford Brandt Trial set for Thursday 28 January

Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested for Kidnapping in Haiti It has just been reported that Trial of accused kidnapper Clifford has been set for Thursday 28 January 2016... Clifford Brand will be tried without the assistance of a jury according to news reports... more »

Haiti Eleksyon - Lekol BOULE, Se Demokrasi, Bravo Pep Ayisyen

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation, Tires Burning Se demokrasi. Ayiti se peyi ki chanpyon nan demokrasi. Se gwo viktwa pou pèp la. Pèp la sove. Anpil riches minye, anpil patriyòt konsekan, yon pèp lib e libè ki pran desten l an men.... more »

FLASH - Haiti Gasoline Prices Drops 6 Gourdes Nationwide

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Breaking News... The Haitian government has decided to DROP the price of Gasoline by 6 gourdes; the price of Diesel has also been dropped by 8 gourdes across the country effective immediately... more »