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Haiti - Autoroute de Delmas Overpass expected to be ready 60 days into 2015

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly on top of the Overpass at Autoroute de Delmas Haitian drivers may begin to cruise above and below the Autoroute de Delmas at Kafou Aeroport (Boulevard Toussaint Louverture) as early as March 2014, according Philippe Cineas, Secretary of state for public works, The Overpass is expected to be ready 60 days into 2015 he says... more »

Haiti - Cap-Haitien Airport will be Ready for 02 October 2014 American Airlines Inaugural Flight

PHOTO: Aeroport International Cap-Haitien Planning a flight to northern Haiti next month? The Cap-Haitien International Airport will be ready for Inaugural flight of American Airlines scheduled for 02 October 2014, says Philippe Cineas, secretary of state of Public Works... more »

New Prison in Northern Haiti to be built by a USA Construction Company

PHOTO: Haiti Prison - Prisoner in Haiti The US Government has just awarded a contract to a construction company in Maryland to build a two-story prison in Northern Haiti, This new prison will be designed to hold 300 prisoners... more »

Haiti - Benyen TOUTOUNI nan Rivye, fok sa sispan mezanmi...

Haiti River Party - Riviere Hinquitte, Hinche Haiti Konbyen fwa w-ap pase bò yon rivyè an Haiti epi ou wè yon ekip jenn Gason ap benyen TOUTOUNI nan dlo a? Kèk fwa ou nan machinn, wap pase sou pon ki sou rivyè a, ou gen timoun nan machin nan, epi men mesye yo, ak gòl banbou yo pandye anba-a, y-ap savonnen... Bagay saa pa bon non mezanmi, fòk la police gere pwoblem saa... more »

Haiti Education - All teachers required to pass a test and become certified to teach

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Haitian Students) Haiti's education department is starting to require all teachers to pass a test and become certified if they want to remain in the classroom, one of several efforts to improve education in a country with dire rates of illiteracy and drop outs... more »

Haiti EDH - Ki pousantaj moun ki pran PRIZ KOURAN nan peyi a epi kiles ki peye?

Haiti - EDH at Work - Electricité d'Haiti ap Travay Jodi a map tande yon station radio ki ap plenyen ten twop moun ap pran priz kouran sou EDH e sa anpeche moun ki peye pou kouran gen kouran pou itilize... Yo di me moun sa yo menm mete booster pou kouran yo mache pi bien pandan ke moun moun ki peye EDH ap soufri... Kisa EDH ap fe pou kwape sa? more »

Doing Business in Haiti - What is your Experience?

Haiti Open For Business You know something? As I talk to some people doing business in Haiti I am getting a different kind of warning... Scary almost... Many people start the conversation with: "Hein! Ou vle fe bisnis an Haiti? Ou granmoun? Fo-w mete granmoun sou ou wi..." Are you doing business in Haiti? Are thinking about it? What's your experience? more »

What is your PASSION, What is your TALENT, What is the Difference?

Passion Vs Talent A friend of mine just ask me this question and I would like to ask you the same thing: What is your PASSION? What is your TALENT? What is the Difference? It's one of those questions that stops you in your tracks and makes you wonder, what is the difference... If you had to choose, would you rather have passion or talent? more »

New Flights to Haiti coming soon from other Caribbean Destinations via LIAT Airline

LIAT Airlines - Flights to Haiti Antigua-based regional airline, LIAT, will soon be offering new flights in and out of Haiti to other Caribbean destinations... They made the announcement Tuesday that Haiti will be included in their new flight schedule... more »

Haiti - Terrible Traffic Accident in Morne Tapion, Many Dead, Many more Injured

PHOTO: Haiti - Traffic Accident sou Morne Tapion Bad news from Haiti - There was a terrible traffic accident Tuesday in Morne Tapion, Route Nationale #2 near Petit Goave, As many as 23 people are reported dead and 37 wounded... more »