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Haiti Tourism: Read about the Tourist who was Looking for the REAL Haiti...

Tourists at the Beach in Club Indigo beach resort in Montrouis Haiti I just read a story about a REAL tourist experience in Haiti... A regular tourist who came to visit Haiti alone from a foreign country not knowing what to expect, not wanting to stay in expensive hotels, she wanted to experience the REAL Haiti... What did she discover? What is the REAL Haiti to a REAL tourist? more »

Haiti - Dominican Consulate Closes its Doors in Petionville

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon manifestan monte drapo Haitian nan Consulat Dominicain Port-au-Prince The Dominican Consulate in Pétion-Ville Haiti is closed until further notice... Twenty-four hours after a Haitian protestors climbed the consulate and took down the Dominican flat, the consulate suspended operations before the evacuation of its staff. more »

Haitian Protestor lowers Dominican Flag at Consulate in Port-au-Prince

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon Haitien desann drapo Dominicain nan Consulat Republique Dominicaine A Haitian Protestor lowered the Dominican Flag that was in front of the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Port-au-Prince and hoisted the Haitian Flag in its place during a protest Wednesday... more »

Haiti - Rocks and Bottles thrown at President Martelly, Teenager Arrested

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly Pran yon kout wosh nan tet Have you heard? Haiti president Michel Martelly was hit by rocks and bottles Saturday 21 Feb 2015 following the national funeral at Champs-de-Mars... Kinderson Esdras, a teenager, was arrested... he is facing a 15 year prison sentence for attacking a Chief of State... more »

Haiti Tourism - Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel Inaugurated in Turgeau Tuesday

Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel - Sky View It's official... The new 54 Million dollars 175-room Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel has just been inaugurated in Turgeau, Downtown Port-au-Prince Tuesday... Marriott adds a new touch of luxury to Haiti Tourism... more »

Haiti Air Travel - JetBlue Begins Non-Stop Flights from Boston to Port-au-Prince in June

JetBlue Airways - Flights to Haiti Good news from Haitian airline travelers in the Boston area... JetBlue announced recently new seasonal Non-Stop flights from Boston Logan airport to Port-au-Prince International airport... These Boston-Haiti Flights begin 17 June 2015 until 15 September 2015... more »

Haiti Cemetery Director Explains presence of Port-au-Prince Cemetary Stand at Kanaval 2015

PHOTO: Cimetiere de Port-au-Prince Stand at Haiti Kanaval 2015 "Cimetiere de Port-au-Prince is a Heritage site," says Mareige Laguerre, the Director of the cemetery, "and it deserves to be recognized as such." That was his message the political opposition who wants to use the Cemetary's carnival stand as a weapon in their fight against president Michel Martelly... more »

Haiti Tourism - Malcom X's Daughters first Clients of New Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel

Malcolm X Haiti Tourism Minister reports... Malcom X daughters Malikah Qubilah Shabazz visited Haiti were the first two customers of the new Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel Scheduled for a grand opening Tuesday, February 24, 2015.... more »

Haiti Superstition - Some Radio Hosts are scaring people to NEVER attend Kanaval in Haiti ever again

PHOTO: Haiti Kanaval 2015 Ever since that terrible Kanaval Tuesday that caused the death and injury in Champs-de-Mars, there are some Haitian radio hosts who make it seem like some big voodoo magic spell that caused it, like there are some blood sucking spirits who attend kanaval in Haiti and feed on the souls of Carnival goers... How is this supposed to attract tourists in Haiti? more »

Haiti - SHOCKING VIDEO shows Haiti Kanaval Victims being electocuted along side Barikad Crew Float...

PHOTO: Haiti Kanaval 2015 Accident - On the spot, the second it happened An eyewitness video surfaced on Facebook showing exactly what happened at Haiti Kanaval 2015 that dreaded Tuesday morning of 22 February when 18 people died instantly and over 70 people injured... These people were in FACT electrocuted alongside the Barikad Crew Float (Char)... The video shows many people literally frozen for an instant during the electrocution after an electric spark exploded out from the bottom of the float... more »