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PHOTOS: Belladere Haiti - Old Caserne (army barrack) and Douane being Restored...

PHOTO: Haiti - Restoration ancienne Caserne de Belladere (ancienne Douane la tou) Take a look at this... The old army barrack (caserne) in Belladere Haiti is being restored to its original condition... You have to go through it to enter the city of Belladere Haiti from the Dominican Republic... Did you know that? more »

Haiti - The Next Tourism Destination that is going to Explode, Alex Zozaya says

Tourists at the Beach in Club Indigo beach resort in Montrouis Haiti Haiti is about to become the next tourist destination in the Caribbean according to Alex Zozaya, CEO of Apple Leisure Group... And if you don't know... Now you know... LOL... more »

Does Haiti Need Tourism? Or Does It Need Justice?

Haiti - Jalousie Slum In Living Color The quest to "save Haiti" seems to be leading the into opposite directions... Human rights attorney Mario Joseph and Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin are both trying to improve Haiti, but are following radically different paths to doing so... One of them wants justice, the other wants tourism. more »

Haiti Mobile - CONATEL orders DIGICEL to restore VoIP Services

Haiti - Digicel Block VOIP Viber Tango Nimbuzz etc... Good news for Haitian mobile phone uses... Haiti's Telecommunication regulator CONATEL has ordered mobile giant DIGICEL to restore all blocked Voice over IP (VoIP) apps like Tango, Skype, Viber, MagicJack etc and Immediately... more »

Haiti Bureau of Mines deny rumors of precious metal mining going on in the country

Haiti Open For Business Ludner Remarais, Haiti director general of the Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME) denies rumors that nine (9) foreign mining companies are presently in Haiti scooping away the country's precious metals... more »

Apre Bondye se Manman-m, Paste a di ou pa Dwe di sa...

things that make you go hmmm Anpil fwa, ou tande yon Haitien ap pale, li di: Apre Bondye se manman-m, apre bondye se papa-m, oswa se yon matant, tonton ki a letranje... Jodi a mwen tande on pastè ki ap preche nan radio, li di ou pa dwe di bagay konsa, li di w-ap "Blasphemer le non de l'Eternel..." more »

FLASH... BIG FIRE in Downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti Early Tuesday Morning, Marche Tet Boeuf etcetera..

Breaking News From Haiti Breaking News - There is a Big Fire in downtown Port-au-Prince, "Marche Tèt Boeuf etc..." according to an early morning News report by Haiti Radio Caraibes FM... Haitian Police and rescue workers are on the scene trying to help... According to the news report this fire broke out around 3:00 am this morning, Tuesday 15 July 2014... more »

Vodou is BIG social problem for Haiti, Cardinal Chibly Langlois Says

Amazing Vodou Photo - Vodouisant making her request to the Lwa Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois has just fired a bullet at VODOU in Haiti saying that Vodou is a BIG social problem in Haiti that only offers "MAGIC" but no real solution to Haiti's problems... Vodou will NOT save the country, Cardinal Chibbly Langlois says... more »

Haiti President Martelly in Brazil for 2014 FIFA World Cup Final...

US Secretary John Kerry and Haiti President Martelly Watch World Cup Game Before Panamanian Presidential Inaugural Haiti President Martelly will be at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and Germany Today, Sunday 13 July 2014... BAGAY SERYE... President Martelly ap nan Stade la pou gade Coupe Du Monde la LIVE... more »

FLASH... Wyclef Jean Performs LIVE at 2014 FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil

Wyclef Jean trying his fresh new Guitar at Brazil Stadium Haitian superstar Wyclef Jean will be performing live at the 2014 FIFA World Cup closing ceremony in Brazil with a Fresh new Guitar with the Haitian Flat painted right on it... COOL... more »