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Haiti Hotels - Marriott Plans to Open a Second Hotel in Haiti

PHOTO: Habitation Jouissant Cap Haitien to become Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel in 2017 Good News for Haiti's Tourism Industry - MARRIOTT will add a second Luxury hotel in Haiti, this time in Cap Haitien... Habitation Jouissant Hotel in Cap-Haitien will soon join the Marriott Autograph Collection... more »

FLASH : Haiti Travel - 3 Syrian Passengers coming from Haiti arrested in Saint-Martin

American Airlines In Haiti Airport 3 airline passengers coming from Haiti were arrested at an International Airport in the island of Saint-Martin... These 3 men which are believed to be Syrian Nationals were caught traveling with FAKE travel documents... more »

Haiti Health - CHOLERA Kills 2 people in Anse-a-Pitres, 32 others Infected

Cholera Haiti - Cholera la toujou Haiti Health News - CHOLERA is still taking lives in Haiti... 2 people, a young woman and a 10-year old child died in the city of Anse-a-Pitres last week from Cholera. 32 others have been infected including poor Haitians repatriated from the Dominican Republic... more »

Haiti - GADE VIDEO SAA... Le w gade video a wa Konprann... LOL...

Gade Video saa, Le w gade l w a konprann Haitien zanmi m yo... GADE VIDEO SAA... Lè w gade l wa Konprann... LOL... more »

Haiti - Yo Poste Photo Kadav Black Alex TOUTOUNI sou Facebook, Sa pa bon mezanmi

PHOTO: Haiti - Back Alex Mezanmi, Atis Black Alex Mouri, gen yon moun ki pran photo kadav la sou kabann lopital la epi poste li sou Facebook... Sak pi mal la, yo dekouvri kadav la yo fe foto li TOUTOUNI jan manman l te fe l, epi you poste li sou Facebook... Poukisa??? more »

FLASH: Haiti - Black Alex is DEAD, This Time It is NOT a Rumor

PHOTO: Haiti - Back Alex There has been lot of rumor regarding the death of Haitian rap star Black Alex... This time it is NOT a rumor, Jamecy Alex Pierre aka Black Alex of the group King Posse is DEAD... He was 39... Rest in peace Black Alex... more »

FLASH : Petionville Haiti in a state of PANIC, Manifestation, Machette a la Main

Breaking News From Haiti Breaking News... There is a state of PANIC in the Petion Ville - Delmas area of Port-au-Prince... A manifestation erupted early Thursday morning following a fearful and sleepless night in Petionville where residents were told kidnappers and rapists were coming to town to operate... more »

PHOTO: Haiti Alert - 3 Identical Black Helicopters Spotted on Haitian Airspace Flying in Close Formation

PHOTO: Haiti Alert - 3 identical black helicopters in Haiti airspace flying in close formation Take a good look at this photo... Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles tweets: "3 identical black helicopters arrived in #Haiti's airspace at airport, flying in close formation..." more »

Haiti wakes up Relatively Calm One Day after Election Results

PHOTO: Haiti - Carrefour Aeroport Overpass Port-au-Prince Haiti One day after the presidential elections results -- Compared to all the negative anticipations many people expected in the days after the Presidential election results, Haiti woke up relatively calm... more »

Petionville Haiti - At Least 7 Dead from a Drinking Alcohol which causes Blindness before Death

PHOTO: Alcohol death in Haiti Haitian Tafiateurs beware... There is a deadly drinking alcohol on the market... least 7 people are reported dead in Petionville in this rare case of alcohol consumption according to the city mayor, Some people who consume the alcohol became blind before their died... more »