The Haitian Internet Newsletter

Haiti has the Fastest Internet Upload Speed in the Caribbean

CHART: Haiti has the Fastest Internet Upload Speed in the Caribbean Believe it or not... Haiti has has just won the vote for having the fastest Internet Upload Speed of the Caribbean based on studies made September 2014... Yep... The fastest upload speed was recorded in Haiti at 6.84 Mbps... more »

Haiti - 15 Police Officers FIRED from the Haitian Police Force

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer 15 Haitian Police Officers have been FIRED from the Haitian police force, 5 of them were involved int he Croix-des-Bouquets prison break... more »

Haiti Music News - Reginald Cange nouvo Maestro Zenglen

Reginald Cange in Zenglen Rezilta Music Video Nouvel la fenk tonbe... Reginald Cangé ki se youn nan chantè nan gwoup Zenglen, fenk gen yon lòt wòl nan gwoup la. Reginald Cangé se nouvo mayestwo gwoup Zenglen.... more »

SHOCKING VIDEO: Haiti - Un malfaiteur ressuscite sa victime ensorcelee, sous contrainte de la police

PHOTO/VIDEO: Haiti - Yon Malfektè resisite viktim li apre li bay misye yon kout poud Mezanmi... Koze pa pa pou nou... Gen yon bagay shokan ki pase nan Ouanaminthe Haiti jounen Lundi 29 septembre 2014... Yon Malfektè flanke yon malere yon kout poud, nonm lan tonbe red, misye resisite ti neg la apre la police te fouke misye... Gade video a... more »

Les Cayes Haiti - Gelee Beach gets a good Clean up on World Tourism Day

Gelee Beach - Les Cayes Haiti Gelee Beach, the famous beach in Les Cayes, Southern Haiti, got a good cleaning on World Tourism Day, Saturday 27 September 2014... more »

Haiti - Police Presence in front of Aristide Mansion causes Panic for NO Reason - Read this True Story...

Collage - Fire in front of Aristide Mansion in tabarre - President Aristide Read the true story of my personal panic attack due to events in front of the Aristide mansion in Tabarre --- On Saturday afternoon 27 Sept 2014, I left Pernier, a village not far from Tabarre Haiti, to run a few errands. My first stop was at Carrefour Clercine to drop somebody off. On my way there, I drove by the gates of former president Aristide's mansion. I saw a police truck with a few police officers across the road, no sign of any problems, I drove by, no problems... So that's what I thought!!! more »

Haitian Journalist Robbed at Gunpoint in the Dominican Republic

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Ives-Marie Chanel, a Haitian journalist and businessman, was robbed at gunpoint in the Dominican Republic Thursday, 25 September 2014, en route to Capital Santo Domingo... Four armed gunmen attacked the journalist and stripped him off everything. more »

Haiti - UNESCO says Columbus Santa Maria Shipwreck needs further Investigation

Columbus Flagship Santa Maria - Shipwreck found in Haiti A shipwreck off the coast of Haiti believed to be he lost remains of the Santa Maria, the flagship of Christopher Columbus, requires further investigation according to a team of experts from The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). more »

Cap-Haitien Flight Deals from American Airlines, Check it out!

American Airlines Cheap Flight Deals to Cap Haitien, Haiti "Crystal-clear waters. White sandy beaches. Is this a dream? Nope, American has great deals on flights to Cap Haitien, our newest destination." This is how American Airlines is promoting it newest destination to Haiti.. How do you like that? more »

Haiti Tourism Minister will be a Passenger in American Airlines Inaugural Flight to Cap-Haitien

Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism American Airlines will make its inaugural Flight to Cap-Haitien International Airport Haiti (renamed Hugo Chávez International Airport) on Thursday 02 October, 2014, and Haiti Tourism Minister Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin plans to be a passenger on that flight... more »