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Haiti Immigration - More and More Haitians Arriving from Dominican Republic

Dominican Customs Dajabon Ouanaminthe Border Haiti-Dominican Repatriation Update -- Reports are coming in from every corner of the Haiti-Dominican frontier about Haitians who were living in Dominican Republic returning home, many voluntarily, others are forced to leave... more »

Haiti Immigration - Haitians Rush back from Dominican Republic to Save their Lives

Dominican Customs Dajabon Ouanaminthe Border Haiti-Dominican Repatriation Update -- ALERT... Many Haitians living in the Dominican Republic are running for their lives leaving all their belongings behind and running back to Haiti because Dominican hoodlums (Ti Gele) are threatening to kill them if they stay... more »

Fearing Deportation, Haitians in the Dominican Republic have DESERTED the Streets

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians Out of fear of being deported from the Dominican Republic, many Haitians immigrants who usually are out there buying and selling in Capital Santo Domingo and Santiago have deserted the streets... more »

Haiti - ONA Employees raise 2,000,000 Gourdes too assist Repatriated Haitian-Dominicans

Soy Dominicano Haiti - In order to assist the hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian decent who are about to be repatriated from the Dominican Republic, employees ONA have raised more than two million gourdes and placed in in a special fund called FONDSONA... more »

SOS... Hundreds of Thousands of Dominicans of Haitian Decent Are About to Loose Everything, Yet No One Seems to Care?

7 Dominicans in Champs-de-Mars Haiti begging for peace SOS... SOS... In the Dominican Republic, its government has passed laws... The Dominican government has publicly stated that mass deportations of its citizens of Haitian descent will commence on or about June 17, 2015. That government has massed a fleet of buses to deport these Dominicans to a land largely foreign to these people. The Dominican military, for its part, is ramping up efforts at collective deportations, according to reports, sweeping up anyone who "looks" Haitian, and dumping them in Haiti. Despite these horrors, no world leader and few media outlets are focusing on this very real human rights tragedy. more »

Haiti National Police Celebrates 20 years Anniversary

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Evans Paul, Police Chief Godson Orelus The Haiti National police force (PNH) is 20 years old... The PNH celebrated their 20-year anniversary, 12 Jun 2015, at the police academy on Route de Frere... more »

Haiti Cuisine - 10 goud LALO bay tout kay la manje - Mesi Manman Doudou LOL...

PHOTO: Haiti - Legume LALO ak Vyann Mezanmi... Pri tout manje importe ap monte nan peyi Dayiti akoz dola US la k-ap vale teren... Men Gras Bondye, LALO vann 3 pake pou 10 goud nan mache Hinche jiskaprezan... Sa fè-m anvi chante: "Manman Doudou, Papa Cheri, ban nou manje, LALO peyi!" LOL... more »

Haiti - Money Transfer Agencies REFUSE to pay in US Dollars...

Currency: Haitian Gourde, US Dollar, Domincan Peso Haiti Money Exchange - As the US dollar rises in Haiti, receiving money in US Dollars is becoming a BIG problem... Many money transfer agents refuse to pay remittances in US Dollars, instead, they are forcing money transfer recipients to accept payments in Haitian Gourdes instead... A fight broke out in one of the money transfer agency because of that... more »

Haiti Commerce - Pri Boutey Coca Cola MONTE 20 Goud nan Ville Hinche!

PHOTO: Haiti - Coca Cola Bottled Drink Mezanmi... Konsomatè Haiti chaje ak problem... Depi lè kriz Dola American an kòmanse a, boutey Coca Cola ki te van 15 goud monte a 20 Goud... W-ap sezi tande poukisa revandè mete 5 goud monte sou chak boutèy... LOL... more »

Haiti General Hospital Morgue will no Longer accept the Dead from outside the Hospital...

Hopital de L'universite D'etat D'Haiti / L'Hopital General Now Hear this... The Ministry of public health (MSPP) in Haiti alerted the population that the morgue at Hospital General in downtown Port-au-Prince is ONLY for those who die INSIDE the Hospital walls... Starting 09 June 2015, if you die outside, your body must be taken elsewhere... more »