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Kyle Jean-Baptiste, The Haitian-American who made History on Broadway, Died

PHOTO: Kyle Jean-Baptiste - Haitian-American Actor on Broadway This is a sad story... 21 year old Haitian-American Kyle Jean-Baptiste made history on Broadway as the first African American and the youngest person to ever play Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, on Broadway... Last week, Kyle fell to his death, four stories from a fire escape at his mothers apartment in Brooklyn New York... more »

Haiti Diaspora, Back To School: Parents who shop online for supplies save more than in Stores

PHOTO: School Supplies Aisle - Back To School Have you heard? When it comes to back to school supplies Amazon beat out two if its biggest competitors, Walmart and Target... It seems parents in the diaspora would save more money if they were to shop for back to school supplies online than in the stores... Question: How many Haitians parents actually shop online? more »

Hinche Haiti - Anplwaye La Mairie ap plenyen pou Radio MEN FM ki ap Kritike yo...

Radio MEN FM - Hinche Haiti Tande sa... Hinche Haiti -- 2 anplwaye La Mairie de Hinche k'ap pale, yonn di lot la: "Monchè nèg MEN FM yo wi ki anpeche nou fè travay nou... Tout lajounen yo ap kritike nou!" more »

Haiti - Doctors at Hospital General Leave a Journalist to Die because they're on Stike

PHOTO: Haiti - Jefferson Michel Casseus The Haitian media is pissed off after one of their own was left to die on the floor at Hospital General... Doctors were on strike and they wouldn't touch him... more »

New Haiti ALL Inclusive Resort Hotel Opens in November...

PHOTO: Haiti Hotels - Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort - All Inclusive Remember Club Indigo in Montrouis Haiti? On 01 November 2015, it will reopen as the NEW 400-room Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resorts and Spa "ALL Inclusive"... more »

Haitien Mesye yo, Si madanm ou fe Accident sou Route Plaj ak Yon lot Neg, Eske wap paret tet ou?

PHOTO: Cheating Wife Haitien mesye yo, Bèl Question: Si madanm ou fè accident sou route pandan li ap soti nan plaj ak yon lòt nèg, yon atis, eske wap parèt tèt ou? Laprès fè foto madanm ou ak tout atis la jou accident an, photo yo sou tout Facebook, eske wap parèt tèt ou pou ou ale sipòte madanm ou? more »

Haiti Health - Ladies, Improve your Mood and Reduce PMS Symptoms by Eating a Banana

PHOTO: Haiti - Machann Fig I wonder if Haitian women know this... Ladies, you can improve your mood and reduce PMS symptoms by eating a banana... Did you know that??? more »

Weddings in Haiti - I will NEVER get Married, my Cousin says...

PHOTO - Getting Married - Wedding in Haiti For all the Haitian ladies out there looking for marriage, there is one man I know who is NOT a candidate... "I will never get married," my cousin said... Wait until you hear the reason why... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Jhonson Baptiste, Le Nouvelliste Journalist, Dead in Car Accident

PHOTO: Haiti - Jhonson Baptiste Breaking News... Haiti - Jhonson Baptiste, a journalist for Newspaper Le Nouvelliste, died on the spot in a terrible car accident Sunday... more »

FLASH: Haiti - TNH Journalist Jefferson Michel Casseus Dies in a Car Accident Sunday

PHOTO: Haiti - Jefferson Michel Casseus BREAKING NEWS... Haiti - Jefferson Michel Casseus a journalist for Television National d'Haiti (TNH) has died in a car accident in Merger Sunday evening... more »