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You cannot complain now - Every time the police arrest a bandit some media keep saying they are militants

Le Nouvelliste Journalist Roberson Geffrard had enough with the criminals of Martissant A few days ago, Le Nouvelliste journalist Roberson Geffrard tweeted: "Martissant encore et encore impraticable... Bandi yo pa gen okenn limit! Terrible #Haiti" more »

Haiti travel update - Flights to Haiti are empty, the diaspora is not flying home

There is a video circulating on social media showing a flight going to Haiti that is literally empty. Only a few passengers were spottted on that flight. more »

Armed Bandits break into the residence of Monsignor Louis Kebreau in Laboule Haiti Saturday

The private residence of Haitian Monsignor Louis Kebreau was attacked on Saturday, October 16 2021. more »

17 American Missionaries kidnapped in Haiti by armed gang members

After Martelly/Lamothe arrested rich man Clifford Brandt, kidnapping stopped in Haiti for a very long time. Who do they have to arrest this time? Up to 17 American missionaries have been kidnapped in Haiti by gang members Saturday, Haitian officials said. New York Times, CNN, everyone is talking about it. more »

Journalist Bob C. Returns to radio after a long absense

Haitian Journalist Roberde Celine dit Bob C., L'original, le vrai, l'unique en son genre! Haitian Journalist Roberde Celine dit Bob C. has returned to Radio Caraibes FM after almost 6 months of absence. more »

Journalist Bob C. advises Haitians in the diaspora to stay away from Haiti for the time being

Haitian Journalist Roberde Celine dit Bob C., L'original, le vrai, l'unique en son genre! Radio Caraibes journalist Robert Celine AKA Bob C. is advising Haitians in the diaspora not to come to Haiti right now because of insecurities that is ravaging the country and causing the lives of just about anybody. more »

Haitians deported by the Biden Administration thinks Haiti is hell, many are attempting to leave again

Del Rio Texas: White man on a horse gathering black Haitians like slaves - You probably thought it was a slave movie Many of the Haitians who were deported back to Haiti recently by the Biden Administration say they will leave the country again the first chance they get because the Haiti has gotten much worse since they left. more »

I feel like I am watching a Slave movie, actress Garcelle Beauvais said after she saw how Haitians were being treated at the Border in Texas

Actress Garcelle Beauvais cried when she saw the way Haitians were being treated at the Border in Texas "There were whipping people, innocent people who just want to be treated fairly, people who just want food she said. more »

A man from Venezuela told me he will take the insecurity in Haiti over food shortages in his country

Former Haitian President Michel Martelly and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez They say in life every man has his own problems. Every country have their own problems. This old man from Venezuela told me their country is going to hell right now due to food shortages that is causing lots of Venezuelans to go hungry everyday. more »

Essential products prices sky high in Haiti right now, one bag of cement costs $1,000 gourdes

While Haitian politicians are fighting for power and the gangs have total control of the streets and the lives of the Haitian population, the price of essential products like food and construction materials is sky High in the country. more »