More Americans are working pass age 75 and it is not because they are broke

Would you still work if you were 75 years old or older? More and more Americans are working pass age 75 and it is not because they are broke. Discover the reason why.

At 76 years old, Haitian man Jeudy Jean Horel went back to high school

When you're young you can't wait to grow up. Then you grow up now you can't wait to retire. Now you're retired and you want to go back to work. Isn't that funny?

More and more Americans pass the age 75 are still working or go back to work and it's not because they don't have money.

Why would a senior citizen go back to work if not for money?

Glad you asked.

Back in the days, the aspiration for many was to retire at age 65. A peculiar phenomenon affected numerous retirees during those times: shortly after retiring, their health would decline rapidly. They would suffer from various ailments, needing a cane to walk, and experiencing premature onset of conditions like cancer or cardiovascular disease, ultimately succumbing to old age. However, times have changed.

The gift of longevity:

Due to advancements in healthcare, improved living standards and an increased focus on healthy lifestyles, life expectancy in the United States has gone up.

More and more Americans seniors are living longer, healthier and more energetic.

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With so much more health and energy, sitting around playing golf everyday, taking care of the grandkids or going on boat cruises begins to get boring.

Because of that, some Americans seniors decide they want to make meaningful contributions to society for an extended period.

What better way to interact socially with the younger generation, maintain mental sharpness and emotional well-being than being in a workplace environment and getting paid for it?

I mean some American seniors still do it for the money because, I don't know how perfect your retirement plan is, but in this America you need a lot more money to retire.

All this said, it is good to know that money is not the only reason American seniors get back on the workforce.

I used to think that, being Haitian-American, I would one day retire in Haiti and have a big "dodine" (a rocking chair) in my front porch. But I tell you what. If God gives me health in my old age; if I can get up and go in my '70s, I'm getting up and I'm going.

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