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When did kidnapping for ransom start to become an issue in Haiti and how did it coincide with the introduction of MINUSTAH in the country?

Haitians are screaming down with kidnapping but no one is coming to the rescue, not the government not the so call friends of Haiti Nowadays, with problems of kidnapping and insecurity being such a hot topic in Haiti, one wonders when did kidnapping for ransom actually start becoming an issue in our country. The answers on this page may surprise you. more »

Koupye is Good for you : 10 Health Benefits of Koupye, or Pourpiers (Purslane in english)

Vegetables in Haiti - Pourpiers / Koupye (purslane in English) Many Haitians have grown accustomed to eating "koupye", called pourpiers in French, purslane in English, but would you believe the number of health benefits this often ignored leafy green vegetable has. Here are 10 health benefits of earing koupye. more »

What is an emerging market - Is Haiti classified as an emerging market?

Haiti's Economic System - Flow of Income is FLAT, not Circular An emerging market is the new term used to describe the markets of less developed countries as they were known back in the 1970s. Is Haiti an emerging market? We have the answer for you. more »

Haiti's brain drain: Back in the 1960s lots of Haitian teachers and doctors left Haiti and moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Just like Barack Obama is a byproduct of an African man who left his seeds in America, Patrick Gaspard is a byproduct of the Haiti brain drain In the early 1960s, hundreds of Haitian professionals, including teachers, professors, engineers, and doctors, embarked on a journey to Africa. While this migration marked a significant effort to support the growth of African nations, it simultaneously led to a brain drain from Haiti, impacting its development on multiple fronts. more »

Haiti's Brain Drain: 85 percent of Haitian College Graduates leave the country

Education in Haiti Did I read this correctly? Eighty five percent of college graduates in Haiti leave the country. Talk about a brain drain! more »

Lalo Legume - Lalo with beef - The best Haitian Food

Chodye Legim Lalo - Legume Lalo - Haitian Jute Leaves Stew Many Haitians love to eat lalo (jute leaves) but lalo legume cooked with beef is the best. Discover this simple recipe. more »

Embracing Identity: Why some Haitian women retain their maiden names and refuse to take their husbands names after marriage

When Ertha Pascal married Ernst Trouillot, she kept her maiden name and became Ertha Pascal-Trouillot In Haitian culture, a woman get married, she loses her last name and take her husband's last name. That's what we all know to be true. While the majority of Haitian women do adopt their husband's name after marriage, an increasing number of women are choosing to retain their maiden names or combine it with the last name of their husbands. This decision is creating problems in many relationships. more »

Top 10 list of Strong and Empowering Women in Haitian History

Sanite Belair, one of the top 10 most powerful women in Haitian History Haitian history is rich with strong and influential women who have made significant contributions to their country and beyond. Here are some names of remarkable Haitian women: more »

Former Haiti Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon Honors the Legacy of Journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul

A Memorable Encounter: Michel-Ange Gedeon's Courteous Visit to Radio Kiskeya and Snapshot with Journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul In a poignant display of respect and admiration, former Haiti police chief, Michel-Ange Gedeon, paid his heartfelt tribute to the departed journalist, Liliane Pierre-Paul. more »

Michele Bennett recalls Liliane Pierre-Paul's anti Duvalier fight, wrote about her death of on Twitter

Liliane Pierre-Paul made a name for herself in the 1980s as a fierce critic of the Duvalier Regime Former Haiti first lady Michele Bennett Duvalier remembers Liliane Pierre Paul's fight against her late husband, ex president Jean-Claude Duvalier, as she paid her respects to the departed journalist. more »