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Haitian journalists, please stop screaming Insecurity in Haiti just because a crime has been committed

Did you know? In the United States, an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes occurred nationwide in 2015. How many violent crimes occurred in Haiti that same year? more »

I am getting Watery Eyes, Google says I am getting too old LOL

I Drank Water on an Empty Stomach for a Month, and This Happened Have you ever Googled something and then you walk away more worried or upset than if you have never tried to find out? I Googled "watery eyes" and then I find out that I may be getting too old LOL... more »

Which bank offers a higher interest rate these days?

PHOTO: Haiti - SOGEBANK Hinche I was reading an article about saving money during financial crisis and one of the advice is to move my money to a bank that offers a higher interest rate. more »

Bill Gates visited Haiti more than once, did you know that?

Photo of Bill Gates, wife Melinda and their children in Haiti Did you Know? Microsoft founder Bill Gates visited Haiti back in February 2014 and apparently it was not the first time he went to Haiti. more »

The Haitian media has turned our gang leaders into Superstars like Bonnie and Clyde

In Haiti there are so many Things that make you go Hmmm... The Haitian media will not suppress any information that are damaging to the image of the Republic of Haiti. more »

An American Priest in Haiti brokers a Peace Pledge between 4 rival gangs while the Government cannot or will not

A signed peace agreement between 4 rival gangs in Haiti An American priest from North Philadelphia manages to do what Haitian government officials are either unwilling or unable to do: Get four rival gangs to sit down and sign a peace agreement so that the people in the Cite Soleil slum of Port-Au-Prince can breathe. more »

Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, the first woman President of Haiti

When Ertha Pascal married Ernst Trouillot, she kept her maiden name and became Ertha Pascal-Trouillot Ertha Pascal-Trouillot achieved numerous groundbreaking milestones in her career. She made a lot of firsts in her professional life. Ertha Pascal-Trouillot made history as the first female judge in Haiti, serving on the Court of First Instance. more »

Relationships: Women in Haiti complain they are being lied to by Haitian men in the Diaspora

Women in Haiti think: My diaspora boyfriend will take me to the United States and give me a green  card There are young women in Haiti who have fallen in love with Haitian men in the diaspora. They think they hit the jackpot. They think they found the love of their lives only to discover later that these Diaspora Haitian men are living double lives. more »

How big is the Haitian Police force in 2023?

Jean Jean Roosevelt Surrounded by Police in Mirebalais Haiti According to the United Nations Haiti's national police consists of around 9,000 officers and only 3,500 of them are on duty at any given time. more »

When people ask me why is Haiti so poor, this is why I tell them

Lending a Hand - Pep Haitien lonje men yo pou resevwa kichòy, anyen pa poko tonbe... Poverty is a business. Just like every other business in the world there are people and organizations out there who thrive on the business of poverty. Unfortunately for Haiti, she has fallen victim to this thriving business, victim of those who profit from the business of poverty. more »