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Stroke and Hypertension in Haitian Communities, is it because of all that extra SALT in the way Haitians cook?

Haitian Food - Bon Manje Kreyol - How do you say Diri Shela in English? Most Haitians care more about their foods tasting really good than how healthy the food is. That makes me think: Stroke and Hypertension (high blood pressure) in the Haitian community, are they linked to all that extra salt in the way we cook? more »

Poisson Gros Sel, a favorite Haitian dish - But what is Gros Sel?

Poisson Gros Sel or Coarse Salt Fish, Rum Barbabcourt, a day at the beach in Labadee Haiti Poisson Gros Sel or Coarse Salt Fish is a very popular dish in Haiti. I always thought Gros Sel meant the fish was more salty than usual but no. more »

Marriott Hotels & Resorts wanted to build more Hotels North, Centre and Western Haiti. What happened?

Marriott Hotel in Haiti - Miniature Plan Marriott Hotels & Resorts went on a mission seeking new opportunities in Haiti because they wanted to build more than one hotel in the country? Marriott had big plans for the tourism industry in Haiti. So what happened? more »

My window in Haiti has a garden view in Haiti - Compare to garden view in the USA

Window with a Garden View in Haiti, not just any garden LOL Whether you live in a home or an apartment in the United States everything has a view. Lake view, garden view, you name it, that's what the Real Estate agent wants to sell you. In Haiti I have more than a garden view, I can actually cook what's in the garden. more »

The NGO Class - A new Social Class has emerged in Haiti, Read all about it

Haiti's NGO Class - Expatriates living like kings in Haiti on aid money Have you heard? Haiti has a new Social Class called the "NGO Class". It is group of expatriates comfortably living in Haiti making big money, big aid money, working for the more than 10,000 non-governmental organizations who are operating in the country. more »

1 Million Dollars vs a Long Healthy Life, choose one : Which would you rather have?

Money vs Long Life : Choose ONE Let me ask you a question: If you had to choose between having LOTS of money and living a LONG healthy life, which would you choose??? more »

Haitian Creole: Why it is important to speak your native language to your child

Bragging - Fè Djòlè (Haitian Creole) Most Haitians, as soon as they leave Haiti, move to another country and begin to speak a different language just barely, they stop speaking Creole to their children and only want to communicate in the foreign tongue. This is a very bad habit and we need to fix that. more »

I found out why my shoes don't fit anymore and why my feet seems to be getting bigger with age

We found Bigfoot - My dumbass brother cracking jokes on me At what age does your foot stop growing and why is it that my shoes suddenly dont fit anymore in my early 50s? more »

The Haitian media criticizes a lot and almost never congratulate a job well done but what if?

In Haiti there are so many Things that make you go Hmmm... There's one thing I notice about the Haitian media: They criticize a lot but they almost never congratulate you when you are doing a good job. What is they tried in different approach? more »

Fear of Criticism: Can a Haitian man live in his community with the simple wardrobe of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg?

Would a Haitian dare to dress like Mark Zuckerberg everyday? With the fear of criticism so rampant in our Haitian society, would you be able to live with just a few clothes or worse, wearing the same color jeans and t-shirt everyday like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg? more »