At what point do we blame the people?

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Alot of people blame the state of Haiti on it's corrupt leaders.

I partly agree with this, but my question is this...At what point do we blame the Haitian People themselves?

When citizens are fed up with the state of a country and nothing is being done about it despite constant petitioning, the people, if they actually want change, revolt.

If we're fed up with the systemic corruption in our country, shouldn't we fight to fix it at whatever means necessary?

If not, then does the perpetual complaining actually accomplish anything?

Andre, July 1 2019, 5:03 PM

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I absolutely agree, to a point. From my non-Haitian, outside perspective; it has always appeared to me that Haitians have a habit of voting for the... read more >
Jim Thomas, 9-Jul-19 5:45 pm


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