Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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Topic: Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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I would love to help my people. I plan to go back to visit and do business. Why is budget 500$? I don't think you can start buss w that.. read more >
Annanie, 2-Jul-15 1:31 am
Yes, i believe u can start somewhere with 500 usd than move up from there u must be an entrepreneur to do that Haiti the nich for any business even... read more >
Jean, 2-Jul-15 12:35 pm
email me at bjentreprise@yahoo.fr. subject Business in Haiti read more >
Jean, 8-Jul-15 1:39 am
I am an executive recruiter and as a 1099 employee i believe it would be possible to train someone with English speaking ability in Haiti to search... read more >
Tom Wood, 27-Jul-15 4:56 pm
@ Tom Wood, I know many people with good english skills living in Haiti that may be a good fit for this. Contact me at dulexcher@gmail.com for more... read more >
Lex, 5-Aug-15 9:58 am
Koman nou ye la medam di mesye. Mwen li anpil nan komante nou fe sou afe ouve biznis Ayiti yo. Pou m di nou byen mwen nan menm sitiyasyon nou ye a... read more >
Richenel Jean Pierre, 12-Aug-15 12:04 pm
Hey, I'm also interested in investing in a business or creating my own in haiti. I'm a junior in college majoring in Business Ad which include... read more >
Cedrick, 1-Sep-15 6:06 pm
Do not believe that Haiti is open for business. read more >
Jhon, 1-Sep-15 7:11 pm
This is a business that a friend is trying to find out information on how to get started with down in Haiti. His looking into starting a security... read more >
Saint-vil, 12-Sep-15 8:42 pm
Find yourself some partners in Haiti and in New York for funds to start the business. You need advice from small business banks counselors. read more >
Paul Bonhomme, 12-Sep-15 10:39 pm
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