Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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Topic: Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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Does anyone have information on manufacturing for accessories in Haiti? I have a business partner and we make a bow tie line...we would like to come... read more >
Joel, 26-Oct-15 1:53 pm
I know of a business that is just exploding in Haiti right now, and you can get started for under $500.00. It is a Leadership development business... read more >
Jeff Shirley, 31-Oct-15 6:38 pm
I think they should make it more easier for Haitian Americans to have businesses in Haiti we are the future of Haiti so give us a chance. I'm... read more >
Ms D, 5-Nov-15 11:26 am
Please let mw know what kind of business it is that starts up with $500.00. Would be more than interested to learn about it. Thanks in advance... read more >
Rosenete Brumere, 1-Dec-15 4:32 pm
I would like to establish a small business in Haiti please send me necessary information regarding this matter. read more >
Saye Tiah, 13-Feb-16 5:26 pm
Hi, already have a business in Leogane its a beachfront property its a restaurant/club and disco. I am looking for investors its a beautiful... read more >
Kerline, 17-Feb-16 10:22 am
If anyone is interested in investing I own a beachfront property in Leogane its a restaurant/club and disco and also there is enough land to have a... read more >
Kerline, 17-Feb-16 10:27 am
Find yourself some partners to build a beachfront hotel or guest house in Leogane for tourists to come to vacation, honeymoon, etc. Create jobs... read more >
Jean Germain, 26-Feb-16 12:32 pm
I would like to tell you, how much i appreciate your interest in Haiti to start businesses and help poor people to have a better life. you have a... read more >
Felfido Fabien, 9-May-16 12:26 pm
please sens me info about your project read more >
Lucie, 2-Jun-16 10:39 am
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