Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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Topic: Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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I wrote an eBook that you can buy from my website 1haitian1project.com using paypal. I outline - in the eBook - a business you can start from... read more >
Marie Josette Calixte Mba, 11-Jun-17 6:19 pm
I would like to implant a small business to help others could you help me? read more >
Philocles Desir, 22-Oct-17 2:34 pm
Please give me a call at 954-982-4037 read more >
Schneider Civil, 13-Jan-18 7:06 pm
Just stumbled upon this article for my research. Did you find an accountant in Haiti, yet? I have one that I can recommend. I've known him for over... read more >
Daniella, 25-Apr-18 9:31 pm
I recently returned from Haiti and one of many things that can be started for a small amount of money, surprisingly is road repair. Not the big... read more >
Gerry Marshall, 9-Jun-18 1:35 pm
I have some ideas, good Ideas i believe. However I need to know more before revealing them. What do you plan to do with those Ideas for small... read more >
Dann, 6-Aug-18 3:59 pm
Installing rain gutters and water tanks for homes so people don't have to walk so far to get water for everyday tasks. Cooking, bathing, washing... read more >
Amy Bridges, 11-Sep-18 8:52 am
I love teaching to fish verses giving a fish After living in Haiti the better part of the last four years theres more to this than just starting a... read more >
Tony, 17-Sep-18 2:48 pm
Hi there my name is manny and looking for a partner to invest in a bussiness as well in haiti was wondering if you would be interested by any chance... read more >
Manny, 13-Oct-18 9:23 am
I liked that you pointed out that you should think about what type of investing you want to do with your profits. It is good to know that you should... read more >
Penelope Smith, 21-May-19 11:53 pm
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