Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

QUESTION - What type of small business would you start in Haiti right now? Start-up cost must be USD $500 or less, and it has to be so simple that anyone can manage it...

Haiti Small Business Ideas
Haiti Small Business Ideas

Reason: Lots of people in Haiti need a JOB... So why not help them and help ourselves in the process?

In Haiti, there are A LOT of people doing NOTHING... Every day... So why don't we start thinking of ways to hire family and friends to work for us instead of handing them a fish (give/transfer money) every time they need it?

Coming to Haiti, I realize that there are quite a few people around me who are just sitting there doing nothing. I don't want to give them money to spend... That's a bad habit...

Instead, I would like to give them something to do, something small, something with a very low start-up cost but with a decent profit margin.

Each person has to be able to give back the capital investment and a share of the profits. After all this is an investment and NOT a gift. I also need to use that same capital, and the Return on Investment (ROI), to help more people.

Think about it, if you can go into partnership with someone in Haiti, if you help them succeed, you can use the same money over and over again to train more people and start more small businesses....

SO... What kind of business can you think of that you can start in Haiti for $500 U.S. or less that you could hire someone to run for you for a share of the profits?

Come on... Help me think... :

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Philip Adams says...

Hi Gerry
How did you get this idea?

Did you research it in Haiti while you were

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Penelope Smith says...

I liked that you pointed out that you should think about what type of investing you want to do with your profits.

It is good to know that you should think about doing ROI investments.

That is good to know if you want to do business in Haiti.

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Manny says...

Hi there my name is manny and looking for a partner to invest in a bussiness as well in haiti was wondering if you would be interested by any chance

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Tony says...

I love teaching to fish verses giving a fish

After living in Haiti the better part of the last four years theres more to this than just starting a business and allowing somebody to operate it

The training necessary to run and operate, grow and expand a business is not a natural thing for the people that have been sitting and there is little training for them.

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Amy Bridges says...

Installing rain gutters and water tanks for homes so people don't have to walk so far to get water for everyday tasks.

Cooking, bathing, washing hands, washing clothes.

Maybe a chicken farm and sell eggs and chickens.


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Dann says...

I have some ideas, good Ideas i believe.

However I need to know more before revealing them. What do you plan to do with those Ideas for small Businesses?

Do you have any potential financial backers?

Do you have a goal or a plan?

What do you see as your role in this activity?

Will it be part time or full time for

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Gerry Marshall says...

I recently returned from Haiti and one of many things that can be started for a small amount of money, surprisingly is road repair.

Not the big scale stuff, but the little maintenance stuff like fixing potholes.

This would be a startup sponsored through the mayors office in each town. The process involves a team of three laborers, one to collect a city authorized fee from each vehicle passing by the repair site. The other two would do the the work.

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Daniella says...

Just stumbled upon this article for my research.

Did you find an accountant in Haiti, yet?

I have one that I can recommend.

I've known him for over

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Schneider Civil says...

Please give me a call at

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Philocles Desir says...

I would like to implant a small business to help others could you help

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