Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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Topic: Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

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We need to stop creating retail businesses. As i believe the market is kinda saturated and there's no power of consumption. We have so many talented... read more >
Tifrantz, 2-Jun-16 11:26 am
In other words art, fruits and veggies processing, all need to be exported? read more >
Tifrantz, 2-Jun-16 11:28 am
We offer all types of international loans to companies/individuals at a low Interest rate at 2% with no credit check from a minimum range of... read more >
Armstrong Holdings Plc, 2-Jun-16 10:47 pm
Hello, Would selling sunscreen to tourist be a good business? I have over 500 spray sunscreen products. They are recently expired but I believe they... read more >
Robert Loney, 6-Jul-16 6:32 pm
I have family and friends in haiti also own property and land I think clothing like white the shirts and afordable dressess for women and kids (less... read more >
Ralph Taluy, 5-Sep-16 8:00 pm
I think there are many things people can do with $500.00. and get some good profit out of it Since $500.00 will give up to $6500.00 or 32500... read more >
Jude, 8-Sep-16 12:39 am
The information is important, but the need to add negative thought was unnecessary. You're helping and making a profit off these people. Keep your... read more >
Rhondayes, 4-Oct-16 10:57 am
What a stupid unhelpful bitch. This is why you're a failure in your life. read more >
Rhondayes, 4-Oct-16 11:04 am
I would like to know more about the type of help you are looking for, very interested in investing in Haiti and living there. read more >
Dena Flege, 20-Nov-16 9:26 am
WellWe have branched out in Haiti and Have created 5 jobs there - we have commented to create 10 by the year end of 2017. Its a beautiful thing. read more >
Tony Braswell, 28-May-17 7:18 pm
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