Calling Rates Haiti Now 5 Cents More Per Minute: How Often Will You Call?

Did you know? - As of yesterday, June 15 2011, all calls to Haiti went up 5 cents more PER MINUTE. Will you spend MORE money to call Haiti or will you talk LESS?

Haiti Calling Card
Haiti Calling Card

It's for a good cause, it's for education!

Price Floor on incoming call rates to Haiti!

A price floor is a government-imposed limit on how low a price can be charged for a product or service.

The minimum tariff for calls to Haiti (The price floor) is 23 cents per minute that means the phone companies cannot legally offer you a better rate even if they wanted to...

From that minimum rate, 5 cents will be taken out and deposited to the Haiti National Fund for Education.

The danger of Price flooring...

With the minimum price set by the government, that limits price wars... You see??? When companies compete for your money, you win...


Now that the price of a minute of talk-time to Haiti has gone UP, are you planning to spend more to talk more OR... will be you keep your conversations short and sweet?

Will you spend MORE money to call Haiti or will you talk LESS?

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Escie says...

any people with good mind that think about the 5 cent per minutes will object to it. acctually I use the direct contact from my cell phone where I get charge 70 cents a minutes add 5 cent every minutes is not a game therefore I take myself out of the game except if their is a emergency.

We are the target for the government because we care very much for our family.

when we send money we remimber uncle sam voizin gisele.

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Grenadye16 says...

It does not matter for me how much will the call cost. My question is: how will I know how much money they gain?

I mean

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William says...

Je trouve qu'il vaille la peine que je laisse mon mot concernant cela. Ma femme reste en Haiti et je lui parle environ 11h00 par semaine via le

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Richelle says...

Good point, He should tax the wealthy first then 5 cents thing later.

We support haiti more than the so-called wealthy, they are bunch of crook why not start with them

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Vicnere says...

i my name is vicnere in washington state i love to suport this programs so here's my concern is that last week my wufe macke a call sando domingo next door to haiti the phone card cost $5 .To call haiti is 22 to call sando domingo is 60munite so why it so cheep to call sando domingo then haiti.

we need the same 5cents will macke more cents.


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Harold Fleurine says...

This is the first time I can see something great begin in other to help my country, it is a verry good programme I like it 5 cent for me no a big deal no problem, it is for Education only I support it.
Thank you

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Ddesir says...

I have no problem giving five cents per call especially foe a good cause, however I never heard the president stated how he's going to tax the wealthy in Haiti, because they also need to contribute in the development of their

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Sergo Jean says...

I will call Haiti le prezidan Micky voye ide fond pou education an devan palman poul ka vinn loi epi pou loi di cleman kisa yap fe avec yon mounn cap dirije cob sa si li ta perdi ou bien al ocupe lot biznis ki pa fonction cob sa.Mwen daco avec loi 100 pou 100% men foc leta ayisyen connen ke pa gen esclave anco cap travay pou bay vagabon galbende, nan coruption avec paket limenna an haiti cap di anvoi moi, ou bien bagay yo pa bon, sinon prezidan pral pran supriz avec projet sa paske gele se mounn Haiti ki pral rele a l'etranje si li pa di cleman kisa lap fe si minis responsab la ta fe cob sa fe ou bien li brote l bay yon prezidan ki bezwen voye madanm al cache cob pou li avec fanmi li. PREZIDAN MARTELly banm sa wap fe avec ARISTIDE si li ta vinn sou pouvoi epi li pran cob sa menm jan avec cob rout carfou lal fe yon lot bagay, men jan avec cob avion milite ayisyen te genyen yo ki vann an Dominicanie, nou vle konnen si yap touye mounn sa sou place public, ou bien yap fuzie ou bien li pral pase tout rest vi l nan prizon epi eske fanmi mounn sa pral tounen tout cob la bac bay leta, eske yap sezi tout bien mounn sa?FOC GEN YON COTE NOU KOUMANSE E YON KOTE POU NOU FINI AVEC VOLE SA YO.Pou rele nou pre, transfe a nou pre MEN BANOU SANTANCE KE WAP BAY MAFIA SA YO CAP DECHE PIYE PEYI A MERITE LO FINI MANDA OU WA, menm le ou al sa ou fe yo ap

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Myrtho says...

I think people will still call Haiti regardless of the 5 cents increase, specially if it is for education.

I spent more than five cents a day on metro card that would not work on the turnstile.

A five cent extra would not hurt the

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Bossjoe says...

I'm not agree for that cause they gonna costtoo much money.five cents per minute it's too much may be 5 cent by call one call haiti gonna cost too

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