Earthquake Aftershock In Haiti - 24 Jun 2011

There was earthquake aftershock in Haiti today, Friday June 24 2011. Have you heard? 5.4 magnitude, some say...

Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti

This is coming from credible sources...

Pras Michel (FUGEES Rapper) says on Twitter...

"Wow just experience an earthquake after shock in Haiti, thank god everyone is safe!"

Carimination (Band CaRiMi) says on Twitter...

FLASH, FLASH, FLASH: Quake tremors are being felt right now in Haiti this morning as we speak!!!

@KarlJeanJeuner says on Twitter...

"This morning's #tremor is registered as a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. #Haiti"

These reports started coming in less than 20 minutes ago. sofar there are no reports of damages.


What have you heard? How do you feel about it?

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Miejo says...

We need men like you, when can you help?

a country does not died, only men died, we need to manage our beautiful, rich country, Haitians are very proud people, good people, seriously, when will you be able to help?

we can change for a better tomorrow when do you think you will be ready call me together we can do a lot...we did so much for Venezuela, Africa, USA, Canada, we are founder of

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Ben says...

We have a country.were at?

Does magouilleurs, corrupt,sida, colera,voleur, mandiant,are part of the concer of nation.

Is telling the true dirthy mouth well poor Haiti the world has dirthy mouth.

Educate myself i am always willing to learn please educate me.

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Miejo says...

Yes haitian are good people, yes we have a country, but Jesus is waiting for you to start loving, and giving, clean your mouth, change your way of thinking, be lovable and educate

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Marlene Burcky says...

The Haitians peoples have to start praying as soon as possible before it is too late I do not want to scared nobody, and I don't want to call names
Some Christians peoples in Miami had visions, Jesus is tired of all the vodoow, and all the bad things like orgies, killing ect ect in Haiti, those peoples saw in their visions Haiti is going to be destroy I didn't think this sign from God was going to be so soon.

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Ben says...

NOTHING YET MORE TO COME WE HAITIAN R NO GOOD The last quake make us more vicieu more magouilleur moree macici more corupt.

we no longueur have a country we only have a SAVANE ET WE DO NOT BELONG TO THE CONCERT OF

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Jean Cladel Sinora says...

I felt it this morning before I woke up. Praise the Lord there was no damage.

I think him for his

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