Guiteau Toussaint, Well known Haitian Banker, Killed In Haiti

Everyone is talking about the death of Haitian banker Guiteau Toussaint over the weekend.

Guiteau Toussaint

Guiteau Toussaint was fatally shot at his home in Vivy Mitchel, an affluent neighborhood east of downtown Port-au-Prince, he died on the way to the Hospital.

Let me give you an idea of who this man is...

Guiteau Toussaint was the head of the board of directors of the Haiti National Bank of Credit (Bank National De Credit / BNC)

Thanks to Guiteau Toussaint , BNC avoided going into bankruptcy... He saved the National Bank of Haiti

Today, Tuesday, June 14, 2011, marks the first time Haitians will have access to long-term mortgages at competitive rates with a new project called known as "Kay Pam" or "My House," this is in fact the first public mortgage program in Haiti.

Just last month, The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund announced that they would invest $2 Million towards the completion of the The 130-room Oasis Hotel in Haiti and Guiteau Toussaint was the vice-president of Clinton Bush hotel investment.

So here is the state of our union...

We are asking people to come and invest in a country where there are no jobs and no future and one of the key players in the financial side of this change is suddenly shot and killed in the comfort of his home.

Hmmmmm.... What do you have to say about that?

Does that give you the motivation you needed to go to Haiti, invest, and be all you can be?

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Jay says...

Mezanmi yon peyi san lwa se yon machin san frin kap kouri.

si pagin securite nan peyi a koman moun ap ka fe investi wap travay trant ans epi wap pedi tout sa w fe nan yon sel jou an Haiti.

sepou governement haitian ranforce la lwa pou tout moun ka gin securite si se pa sa Haiti ap preri net wi sa seyon konsey.sise pa sa nap pedi tout moun servo peyi .eske tout moun oblige ale nan peyi etrange pou yo ka jwen sekirite?souple leta fe travay ou pou nou ka sove Haiti tanprisouple

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Tisoune says...

When man lacks wisdom, knowledge,truth, sicerity, he falls into the state of

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Sergo Jean says...

President Martelly doue fe yon anket serie nan zafe sa epi si posib mande USA pou voye CIA ou bien FBI pou ede l nan sans sa si li ta vle gen yon repons cle ki al jwen mounn lap invite pou vinn mete cob nan biznis an Haiti.

Si prezidan pa bay yon repons cle a public la a criminel sa yo li met connen bagay yo pral dificil pou li paske criminel yo fe tes sou li, le yo touye Toussaint ki nan tet banc lakay ou .Si Toussaint pa jwen justice mwen cre bizisman yo pa pral pote tet yo nan peyi kon sa ki pa gen protection pou mounn ki gen comerce cap creye anploi pou mounn ki bezwen travay.Mwen souete prezidan creye yon fond avec premier chec li touche a epi mande concou Diaspora pou bay yon montan cob a ninpot mounn ki we bandi sa yo kite vinn fe zac sa sou Toussaint pou vinn denonce l bay la police epi pou yo ka arete tout conplice yo pou sa pa fet an ko an Haiti.

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Jean Ronald says...

Faut-il bien qu'on laisse ce pays entre les mains des bandits oubien que la police fasse son travail?

Une reponse qui doit parvenir des vrais dirigeants de ce pays, non de ceux qui sont a la recherche du pouvoir.

J'espere que les suites necessaires seront accordees pour recuperer les auteurs de cet terrible

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Tisoune says...

I believe their lands were taken away from them and in some cases they were given very little cash, close to nothing for their lands.

They used to own their

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Ddesir says...

L'enquete se poursuit

Cependant on doit admettre que la mort de Mr Toussaint est vrament louche.

Seulement apres avoir annonce ce service de credit pour quiconque veulent posseder une maison.

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Luko Adjaffi says...

such a lost...for

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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

It is a sad situation, we Haitian people have to deal with! But nevertheless, we have Government in place to deal with issues like that. I wonder what our President going to do about that. Simply talk about it or send his police officers to find whoever commit the crime, I strongly believe that there should be a law in Haiti.

Anyone who kill somebody, should spend the rest of his or her life behind bars where they belong.

I have no tolerant for murders, child molesters, child abusers and Men who love to beat up on a woman.

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Harold Fleurine says...

pour moi la valeur d'un homme ne depend pas de sa taille et de sa race, mais il depend de la connaissance.Mais comment pourrez vous developpez des connaissances preffessionnel dans notre cher si beau pays du soleil d'haiti, sans peur de rien, sans

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Ray says...

This is a sad and tragic killing no doubt.

I am praying for the family.

I have a question for Haitians.

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