Violence in Haiti

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FLASH: Protesting police officers in Haiti burn down Carnival stands

A group of Haitian police officers protesting for their rights decided to step on the rights of Haitian carnival goers by burning down Carnival stands that was set up for Carnival in Port-au-Prince. more »

Insecurity in Haiti - Haitian Journalists PLEASE, STOP IT!

Crime Scene in Haiti Did you know? In the United States, an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes occurred nationwide in 2015. How many violent crimes occurred in Haiti that same year? more »

BIG problem in Haiti, grown ass men have no respect for little girls

Mad Haitian There is something happening in Haiti that really bothers me, I hear it too much, stories about grown ass men and little girls... It bothers me... more »

FLASH : Petionville Haiti in a state of PANIC, Manifestation, Machette a la Main

Breaking News From Haiti Breaking News... There is a state of PANIC in the Petion Ville - Delmas area of Port-au-Prince... A manifestation erupted early Thursday morning following a fearful and sleepless night in Petionville where residents were told kidnappers and rapists were coming to town to operate... more »

Haiti Crime - Two Police Officers Murdered in Cold Blood

Crime Scene in Haiti Two Haitian police officers, Forcena Banham and Edouard Occile, were murdered in cold blood in Drouillard, Haiti, Monday after the armed bandits they were in pursuit of turned around and shot them dead... more »

Haiti - Capital Coach Line Bus Burned to the Ground in Ti Goave

Capital Coach Line Bus Burned in Petit Goave A Capital Coach Line bus was burned to the ground in Petit Goave in the area of Andre 17 after a group of individual stopped the bus and on the pretense that a Dominican Driver was piloting the bus... more »

Did Cap-Haitien Just Declare Holy War On The Catholic Church?

Immaculee Conception, Vierge Marie, Hinche Haiti Cap-Haitien, Haiti - Have you heard? The Catholic church, Notre-Dame du Cap-Haitien, was vandalized on Saturday. The vatican flag was torn and the blessed sacrament was stolen... But wait... There's more... more »

Guiteau Toussaint, Well known Haitian Banker, Killed In Haiti

Guiteau Toussaint Everyone is talking about the death of Haitian banker Guiteau Toussaint over the weekend. more »

Wyclef Speaks To The Associated Press About Being Shot In Haiti

60 minutes with wyclef jean There were reports that Singer Wyclef Jean got shot in Haiti the night before election day. We have some updates for you about this Wyclef shooting incident... more »

Our Condolences to Stanley Toussaint AKA Tantan

Stanley Toussaint AKA Tantan Condolences to Stanley Toussaint AKA Tantan more »