Continental Airlines Is Now Flying To Haiti

God news for Haitians in the Tri-State area... Continental Airlines is now flying nonstop to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti from Newark Liberty International Airport

Right now, you can catch a Continental Airlines flight to haiti three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but starting July, 2011, Continental Airlines will be having daily flights to Haiti from Newark Airport.

From Newark airport, it will take 3 hours and 50 minutes to get to Haiti.

Departing flights to Haiti leave at 9:15am and the returning flight leave Haiti at 1:00pm.


What is you opinion about this new Haiti flight?

Do you think it might help reduce airline ticket prices to Haiti?

Do you think their service will be better than that of American Airlines toward Haitian passengers?

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Mike says...

It does not matter who flys into this poor third world country, they are still going to jack up the price to Haiti their excuse will be due to fuel expenses and eventually that airline will stop flying to the country.

If they dont get you with the fuel it will be the luggage.


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Fritzque says...

Any competition is better than none. I anticipate that the price will eventually go down...

It's a good

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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

Thank you Mireille for responding so quickly.

I get to a point where I am sick and tired of seeing many abused by the A A flight attendant and specially last year around Mardigras time.The A A charged the Haitian travelers $1,000,00 or more for each ticket and believe it or not ! Each Aircraft were full in every seat.when are we going to realize that the A A.! CEO and their Board Members could care less about our people and the sad part is, some of us too blind to see reality, but I am going to keep on praying for my people so one day God will open their eyes to see very clearly and to have knowledge of the true when it is in your face every day. God bless you Mireille and I'm very proud of

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Angela says...

first we have to thanks God, am really happy to heard that, now I am just gonna take a bus frome my house then put me at the airport haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
americain airline ou chire

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Mireille says...

Ann I agree with you. I thought I was the only one who figured out how Haitian love AA. This is something that always get on my last nerve.

It appears that if they don't fly AA, they won't be seen as diaspora.

I am praying the almighty so that we have more flights to Haiti.


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Myrtho says...

This the best news ever. It is about for American Airlines to be in competition with another carrier.

It is a shame to watch how AA treats Haitian passengers.

Now with Continental Airlines flying to Haiti AMERICAN like we say ap perdi chelber.May be they will have a change of attitudes such as learning how to respect Haitian

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Patick Jean says...

there is too many haitians leaving in jersey they do a double travel to go haiti i think continental will save us gaz money or taxi or some

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