Haiti Small Business Ideas : One of many things that can be started for a small amount of money

Gerry Marshall - June 9 2018, 1:35 PM

I recently returned from Haiti and one of many things that can be started for a small amount of money, surprisingly is road repair.

Not the big scale stuff, but the little maintenance stuff like fixing potholes.

This would be a startup sponsored through the mayors office in each town. The process involves a team of three laborers, one to collect a city authorized fee from each vehicle passing by the repair site. The other two would do the the work.

The fee pays for the supplies to repair the pothole and pays the laborers to do the work. The city provides the patch materials and sells the materials to the labor crew.

The city issues an official work permit to the laborers to work assigned repair sites.

At the end of the day the city collects money for the road repair through the sale of repair patch materials, and the repair crew keeps what they earn from passing motorists.

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