Rape - A Major Problem in Haiti

One humiliating experiences, most disconcerting, most disturbing in the life of a woman... It is well... rape.

Rape is a very serious infringement.

It is time that we starts to take it very seriously in Haiti.

Rape happens in situations where an individual temporarily unable to refuse, is exploited sexually, against his will.

If this definition of the rape is considered in Haiti, than about one Haitian woman out of every seven adults was violated or was placed in a similar situation.

As in most other countries around the world, the majority of these cases are not declared because of the embarrassment, and the luggage of ridicule which they bring.

How many "Paysannes" (country-women)? How many prisonners! How many "restavecs"?, of employees of low stages, How many prostitutes, even women of the favored classes were violated with impunity in the history of this country?

Our intervention: No one has the right, whether it's a prostitute or a woman sentenced to death, no one has the right to force anyone to have sexual relations against her will.

This rape problem rape must be fought and won. If we really want to then Haitian awound, wouldn't be right that a government agency be directly put in place to support of the victims of rape and to prosecute the offenders?

Haitian Women organizations should take the necessary steps to analyze the problem and propose solutions.

This is part of the Respect For The Haitian Woman articles series by HaitiCentral.

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Topic says...

I am Sorry.

Rape is very very bad.

Good Luck.


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