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Embracing Identity: Why some Haitian women retain their maiden names and refuse to take their husbands names after marriage

When Ertha Pascal married Ernst Trouillot, she kept her maiden name and became Ertha Pascal-Trouillot In Haitian culture, a woman get married, she loses her last name and take her husband's last name. That's what we all know to be true. While the majority of Haitian women do adopt their husband's name after marriage, an increasing number of women are choosing to retain their maiden names or combine it with the last name of their husbands. This decision is creating problems in many relationships. more »

Top 10 list of Strong and Empowering Women in Haitian History

Sanite Belair, one of the top 10 most powerful women in Haitian History Haitian history is rich with strong and influential women who have made significant contributions to their country and beyond. Here are some names of remarkable Haitian women: more »

Most Haitian women I talk to want a bigger butt and a flat stomach - What's up with that?

Walking 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight Most Haitian I talk to want a bigger butt and a flat stomach, they don't care about their weight or how much fat is stored in their body. I meet women who say they want to loose weight but they don't want to loose their butt. What's up with that? more »

There is a lack of women in the world, did you know that?

Men vs Women - How are men and women different? Did you know that there are more men than women in the world? But is that true in Haiti and the Dominican Republic? Read this... more »

Domestic Violence - Battered women in Haiti

Men vs Women - How are men and women different? We deplore this practice. Many men today still, beating and abusing their wives in Haiti. more »

Neck Injury : Haitian Chiropractors, doesn't this hurt?

Most Haitian women on the countryside carry heavy weights on top of their heads everyday. Makes me wonder, chiropractors, doesn't this habit affect the neck and spine of these poor Haitians? more »

Haiti First Lady installs Television sets for Women Prisoners in Cabaret Prison

Haitian women prisoners in the Cabaret can now enjoy watching television inside the woman prison in Cabaret Haiti thanks to first lady Martine Moise. more »

Haiti in List of 5 Countries with NO Woman In Parliament

Oprah Travel to Haiti Did you know? Haiti is in a rare list of 5 countries with NO woman in parliament... Here is the list... Guess who is complaining about that??? more »

Bonne Fet TOUT Fanm Haitienne - Journee Internationale des Femmes

PHOTO: A Haiti mother and child deported at midnight from the Dominican Republic Bonne Fèt tout Fanm Haitienne mwen yo... Jodi 8 Mars la se Journée internationale des femmes... Gason Haitien yo, pran yon ti tan jodi a pou w di tout Fanm ki important nan vi ou Bonne fet... Madanm ou, boubout ou, manman ou, sè ou, menm sèvant la... more »

Are Haitian Women Romantic? - A Poet's Perspective (Part 2)

Josaphat-Robert Large - Haitian Poet Question #2: Do you believe that Haitian Women are romantic and, if there are, any weaknesses in them, what can be done to improve it? more »