Dead Beat Dads, Alimony, Palimony, and Child Support in Haiti

Meet the Haitian Dead Beat Dads... Fathers not spending a dime on their out of wedlock children, abandoned or divorced wives, girlfriends, fiancés, mistresses, left alone in the wilderness, deprived of any support.

Women struggling like mules to survive and feed their children... While a better living biological father relaxes and choose deliberately to take care of another set of kids.

It is cruel, confusing and scary to be left alone even with one child, as the sole responsible, the only provider in a country where it is so hard to find money.

Going around pumping it up right and left, and walk out leaving a woman with no income with a child on the shoulder is cruel. This habit should be broken firmly.

We have met lately, somewhere in America, a Haitian woman living near misery and a state of abject insecurity.

Her former husband who used to beat her up and treat her like dirt, forced her into exile and kept their two daughters in custody.

This man, a big wheel in the Lavalas government, had become a multi millionaire lately.

They have been separated and are divorced for 3 years now. While the man is running the dolce vita, the former wife is struggling, drinking insults, working little temp jobs here and there in America.

Why can't he be forced to pay $3,000 to $4,000/month to this woman like everybody else?

Why did he get the house, the store, the cars, the bank account, the children and everything?

Our Intervention: Alimony, Palimony, Child support are just measured. Haiti needs the reinforcement of those laws now, more than ever.

Respect of women goes by the reinforcement of existing laws, education of children male and female.

Let us make sure that the kindergarten boy of today doesn't grow up insecure, irresponsible and limited.

Let us work for him not to become tomorrow... the deadbeat father... the child molester... an abuser for our daughters... nieces... stepdaughters... and Goddaughters...

This is part of the Respect For The Haitian Woman articles series by HaitiCentral.

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