Haitian Government questions report about "modern slavery" in Haiti

Haiti Questions the Findings of Walk Free Foundation's Report on Child Labor and Human Trafficking Conditions and highlights government initiatives to address the issue... Read the press release here...

RESTAVEC'ism Puts Haiti in the BAD list of Countries with the Most Slaves

Would you believe that Haiti, the first country who fought and won against slavery, is now ranked #2 in the list of countries of the most slaves in the world? Why? A RESTAVEC is a slave! As if you didn't know...

New York Times Unpublishes Haiti Restavec Photos after finding Photojournalist lied about photo subjects

The New York Times has unpublished a post showcasing photographs of Haitian child servants. Apparently, photojournalist Vlad Sokhin lied about the people in this photos, one of whom he paid $100 a day to be his driver, according to the editor's note...

Response to "Vlad Sokhin's Photos of Haiti's Child Servants"

(From: Laurence Kaplan) Mr. Sokhin has disgraced the honorable profession of photojournalism. His lies to the NY Times Lens Blog about the source of his Restavek photos and his deceitful narrative that he gave to journalist Deborah Sontag to accompany the photographs is reprehensible. His slander of Mr. Lesli Zoe Petit-Phar is disgusting, self-serving, and probably in false pursuit of a Pulitzer.

Restavec in Haiti, Shedding a New Light

In Haiti, a RESTAVEC is the ultimate have-not in a society of have-nots. There is a new set of shameful Haiti restavec photos that has just surfaced online though a New York Times article.

Child labour Laws in Haiti

Haitian law prohibits child slavery and labor, Haiti's labor laws prohibit the employment of children below the age of 15.

Rape - A Major Problem in Haiti

One humiliating experiences, most disconcerting, most disturbing in the life of a woman... It is well... rape.