Respect for the Haitian Woman

One will need audacity and courage to modify the reflexes of a society dominated by men...

A society built and arranged to serve the interests of men.

Firmness will be needed, and unfortunately, violence will also be needed to impose changes... These changes are impossible to circumvent if we want to create a great society.

This article discuses many issues that are dear to the heart of every decent Haitian person living, yet most of us simply say "mmmmmm!" then we never talk about it.

This issue covers =>

  1. Sexual harassment in Haiti
  2. Women abuse in Haiti
  3. Unregulated abortion in Haiti
  4. Rape in Haiti
  5. Dead beat dads, Child support, and Alimony in Haiti

This article is dedicated to all the Haitian women out there. and it is brought to you courtesy of as a Mother's day Special.

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