Unregulated Abortion in Haiti

Abortion however is practiced heavily in Haiti, irresponsibly, in lieu and place of contraceptives.

May I have your attention please... Abortion is not a form of contraception... condom, pills, IUD are.

Abortion however is practiced heavily in Haiti, irresponsibly, in lieu and place of contraceptives.

It is hard to track them down and come up with statistics, because of the veil of secrecy around the abortion business.

  • From one Heineken + 2 aspirins to the Trans-cervical suction
  • From a Metal hanger, a Bag of leaves, to the Mechanical scraping.
  • From the Oxytocin to the Morning after...

Any kind of methods, one more dreadful than the other, are used every 10 minutes to abort a fetus somewhere in Haiti.

The toll of deaths resulting from those frivolous, unregulated abortions goes beyond imagination...

  • Hemorrhage
  • Exsanguinations
  • Uterine perforation
  • Peritonitis
  • AIDS
  • STD
  • Hepatitis
  • Uterine synechia
  • Depression
  • Emotional trauma...

This is simply unbelievable!

Do you know how many women die every day as a consequence of unregulated abortions in Haiti?

What about non qualified individuals practicing empiric abortions?

Should we not have serious studies done around this issue?

Could we do something to put a bit of decency in and around this practice?

Do you know that is a pretty lucrative business?

Our intervention: Abortion is wrong and should be discouraged. However! every woman should always have the right to run her life the way she finds the most appropriate to her belief...

Abort or not to abort should finally be her own decision... not of the state.

It is our responsibility as a society and as a nation, to provide security to the Haitian women, to address their emotional concerns and make sure that the procedures are done by qualified individuals, in a safe environment.

This is part of the Respect For The Haitian Woman articles series by HaitiCentral.

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Meghan says...

but if the woman does decide to do this (for the many personal reasons they must do it), it should be

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Willow says...

Abortion being "wrong" is your own opinion, not an objective

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Topic says...

I dont understand why someone would kill something that god is bring into this world.

I mean at least give the bab up for adoption dont take its life. Let the baby have a chance to say their first words, sit up, crawl, walk, run do what ever babies

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Topic says...

I agree.

Do you live in

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Topic says...

I am glad you agree that abortion is wrong.

Other countries are trying to help Haiti and it must look toward it's future (it's

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Topic says...

I am glad you agree with me. I know it is sometimes difficult to have children in Haiti, but others are trying to help and I hope Haiti does not let go of the

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Topic says...

I personally don't believe in abortion.

This little creature didn't ask to be created.

Poeple should the consequences of their actions.

the baby is innocent.

Instead of having an abortion, you can give the baby for adoption because there a lot of people in this that can't have babies and love to raise a

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