List of The Greatest Haitian Leaders in History

QUESTION: Who would you add to the list of The Greatest Haitian Leaders in History? --- Often, whenever Haitians are discussing the topic of leadership, they will go all the way back to the Haitian Revolution to pull names like Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Henri Christophe... That was the Revolution... WHO else would you like to add to that list of "Greatest Haitian Leaders" and in WHAT aspect of Haitian society would you list their greatest accomplishments other than in politics?

Toussaint Louverture - Leadership Poster

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I am in my forties and, growing up in the United States, I could probably give you some American names in my generation, or close to it, who have accomplished great things in Technology, in Business, etc... But... Ask me for the name of 10 Haitians, that's gonna require some thinking...

That's where you come in...

Tell me... Besides some of the names of Great leaders in Haitian History who have been dead for a very long time, WHO do you know that is STILL ALIVE and deserves to be addes to the list of The Greatest Haitian Leaders in History?

ACCOMPLISHMENTS - What has that Haitian person accomplished that makes him/her such a great leader?

Yes, I am putting you to the test... But I am not only testing your knowledge. I actually want to know!!!

Reply with your comments.

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Morgan Zo Callahan says...

Lionel Durand, my father, was quite a Haitian, a French Resistance fighter, twice escaped Nazis, friend of Picasso, eminent journalist.

However, not well known.

Here is how I found him with help of forensic genealogist who posted my discovery of him. Thank you. Blessings.

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Morgan Zo Callahan says...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your wonderful work. I recently found out that my biological father, Lionel Durand 1920 (born in Port au Prince)-1961 (died in Paris), was a fighter in the French Resistance (twice escaped Nazis), friend with Picasso, eminent journalist, worked for Voice of America in NYC, Here is his story on the site of the forensic genealogist who helped me find him. See link below which you can copy & paste if it doesn't open up directly.

I am seeking advice as how to get Lionel Durand placed on Famous Haitians list. Any suggestions gratefully welcome.

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Pere Johnny says...

Pere Johnny aka Avenel Cesaire.

A general for the Haitians in south Florida.

He is the voice of the Haitians community and his legacy will continue remain living through radio pep la Haiti

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Patrick Princivil says...

I want you to understand that,

If Haïti had very good leadership who care about black people like that why we are so poor and miserable like that?

Look at the sellers on the ground, look at their houses! No one to help them, If you are good in Good's eyes you will be so important in front of the nation and you will make a deference, your family will be blessed, because of your good example the nation will follow you, even thou your enemies will believe you are blessed from God and they will testify like Satan and the bad angels do, no search thing in government, only from God's people, if you talk about the bible you will find Kings or Queen like God have done to Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David, Salomon, Queen Ester, Elijah in front of Jezabel, Joseph the Prime minister after a couple years in jail in the Phaaron's Palais, Enock, Paul Apostle, Jeremahia etc.

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Lakay C says...

Beside those you just name, from what I heard from my dad magloire, estime, pap Doc

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Candy Rieger says...

The fact you need to ask speaks volumes.

Haiti has not had great leaders politically or in-the-spotlight since the revolution.

However, there are literally millions of Haitian leaders who can be credited with the survival of this nation ...

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