Are you a leader? Do you know any?

What is a leader? If you know the answer to this question then I am sure you will be a better leader... If you are not a leader, then at least you will know who to follow. That's even more important than being the leader... Let's face it, if your leader leads you to peril, it's partly your fault because you followed him.

Toussaint Louverture - Leadership Poster

Are you a leader?

I know it's your idea, I know it's your invention, I know your daddy died and left it for you, I know you started it, I know you are a philosophe, I know you have... you own..., I know you know what you're talking about BUT...

Are you a leader?

"A leader inspires"

They say if you want someone to do something, the best aproach is to make then WANT to do it. A bully will make him/her do it or else.

Are you a leader or a bully?

"A leader knows what he knows"

In order for a society and a culture to survive some things must get done. If you are a leader, then you know what needs to be done and you will find the tools, manpower, and all resources necessary to get it done.

"A leader does not try to hide what he does not know"

Do you really know what you are talking about?

Do you really know what you are doing?

Do you have the courage to ask for help if you don't know what you are doing?

"A leader knows how to get the best out of people"

If you walk into a room filled with people screaming, what are you going to do to get them to be quiet?

What will you do to get them to stop screaming and start listening?

What will you do to calm them down long enough so that they can tell you one by one what they really want?

What will you say to send each person home quietly while they wait for you to find the answer?

If you cannot accomplish that task, how do you plan to lead NINE Million people.

"A leader adds value to everything he does"

If you really want to be the leader of the business, the group, the country, do you know what needs to be done?

Will you take time to prioritize everything that needs to be done?

Will you start with the most important task first?

Do you know that the most important task is sometimes the most difficult task?

Will you do it? Will you face it? Do you have what it takes?

Are you a leader?

"A leader makes people feel important after meeting with them in person or over the phone."

Do you have the charm, the patience, the courtesy required to be a leader?

"A leader takes the good with the bad"

Can you honestly be upset at what a person does and not at the person?

Do you have to guts to tell him "I am mad at what you did but I have nothing personal against you"?

Do you know that it's very important to stop every once in a while and say "you are doing a great job and I am proud of you"?

Do you think it's important for all your followers to know that the leader does not hold a grudge?

"A leader points the way after studying all the angles"

Have you studied all the angles?

Do you know the way? If you do not, then why are you pointing and where are you pointing to?

Do you think it's important for all your followers to be constantly reminded of the task at hand, where we stand, our long term FOCUS, and our short term goal?

Do you have what it takes?

Are you a leader?

If you are a leader, then step forward and do what you do best...

Go... Lead!...

If you find yourself in a leadership position and you don't think you have what it takes, have the courage to step down. You are a hero in my book if you do that.

If you are not a leader, be a good follower, know who is standing in front of you...

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Topic says...

je suis un jeune haitien
j'ecris mes poemes en anglais je suis vraiment un lyric en je suis passionne de la poesie ..

j'ecris quel que texte en creole.

je parle francais creole anglais un peu espanol pourquoi pas >>.

bonsoir a tous les amies du fouye

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Topic says...

if someone interest in peotry or politic write me back okay
my plan for now is write a book about haiti
our systems economics, justice, education culture but I needs some help
I believe in

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Topic says...

a leader is not a person
is group of idea's we migth combine together to lead a country, as humain being if you said you're a leader that a liar cause leader can't believe in them self, you have to believe what your people say to

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Topic says...

A broken glass can be glued back together, but the scars would always remain.

I do not consider myself to be a follower, just a lonely deserter soul in a barbaric city, who walks his own treacherous path in life.

I have no self-interest or conflict of interest in Haiti.

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