I want you to understand that, If Haïti had very good...

Patrick Princivil - August 6 2014, 10:50 AM

I want you to understand that,

If Haïti had very good leadership who care about black people like that why we are so poor and miserable like that?

Look at the sellers on the ground, look at their houses! No one to help them, If you are good in Good's eyes you will be so important in front of the nation and you will make a deference, your family will be blessed, because of your good example the nation will follow you, even thou your enemies will believe you are blessed from God and they will testify like Satan and the bad angels do, no search thing in government, only from God's people, if you talk about the bible you will find Kings or Queen like God have done to Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David, Salomon, Queen Ester, Elijah in front of Jezabel, Joseph the Prime minister after a couple years in jail in the Phaaron's Palais, Enock, Paul Apostle, Jeremahia etc.

You ask for ten I give you ten, but if you asked ask for all the good leaders I would give you all. Because of the rebellion against God no search thing to find 10 good leaders in the Haitian's government in the past, I don't know for now, the earth- quake happened in Haïti God let Good Christians united with Freemason, lougarou, Voodoo priest, witchcraft, chanpwèl, Bizango, sorcery' s people etc. all of them was on the ground, a lot of fies, rats, mouses etc. visited them together, God allow Churches to destroy the same as the Voodoo temples and other regular houses, after everything finish a minimum of the nation of Haïti repented, but the majority of the nation become worst.

Haitian's people!

I will do my best to help you to come out of that big Hole Satan and the bad angel dig for you, but you have to decide if you really want God or Satan with his bad angels;

Remember that, you will never be cleaned 100/100; Just take God's embassy and take God in Heaven the way you are and never forget to hide your spirit in God's hand, like Jesus said on the cross: Father! Into your hands I commit my Spirit, do the same to survive.

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