Just a thought

I have enough, something you will never have

things that make you go hmmm This morning, a young lady told me an interesting story about a conversation between a rich man and a poor man. I've decided to share it with you. more »

Do you know who the devil is? I just met one of my many devils

The devil is when everything is going your way and all of a sudden some asshole comes from out of nowhere and sh*ts on your parade. more »

Rwanda wants to become the Singapore of Africa. What does Haiti want to become of the Caribbean?

Which model country is Haiti trying to be like? I was watching a documentary talking about how Rwanda is becoming the Singapore of Africa. It makes me wonder is Haiti copying any country at all? Does Haiti have a plan? What does Haiti want to become of the Caribbean? more »

Today is your lucky day, the Australian lady said as she handed me $20

Has anybody ever walk up to you and give you money? I met an Australian lady today. After a brief conversation she told me: "Today is your lucky day. I bought a scratch-off ticket yesterday and I won $800. So here is your part of it." She handed me $20 Dollars! more »

When foreigners ask me how is Haiti doing, this is what I tell them

The System in Haiti: A system of Apartheid worse than Apartheid in South Africa Don't you just love it when foreigners come to you and ask you: So how's Haiti doing? Have they recovered from the earthquake at all? This country is so poor.... She never gets a break huh? more »

Are you waiting for somebody to come into your life to make you feel better about yourself?

Sometimes we as human beings sit and wait for another person to come into our lives who makes us feel better about ourselves. There is one problem with that. more »

Haiti has always offered a good reason for high-skilled Haitians to leave the country

Professeur Patrice Michel Derenoncourt, kidnapped in Haiti late October 2021 It is funny, this morning I was researching the name of the father of Patrick Gaspard, a lawyer who left Haiti to offer his services to the Democratic Republic of Congo after their Independence and, coincidentally, on the same day journalist Josue Lexidor radio attacked the same issue. more »

The same thing that happenned between the Tutsis and the Hutus will happen in Haiti unless the instigators do something to fix this country

Justice is sleeping in Haiti - The justice system has been put to sleep by crooked politicians and a corrupt oligarchy Many people fear what may happen in Haiti if the people, the common people, decide to fend for themselves. It could be Rwanda all over again. more »

A man from Venezuela told me he will take the insecurity in Haiti over food shortages in his country

Former Haitian President Michel Martelly and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez They say in life every man has his own problems. Every country have their own problems. This old man from Venezuela told me their country is going to hell right now due to food shortages that is causing lots of Venezuelans to go hungry everyday. more »

Haiti is setting records, The Dominican Republic is setting records. One in criminality, the other one in tourism

Young Haitian American diaspora enjoying her vacation in Boca chica Dominican Republic instead of the northern beaches of Haiti While Haiti has become the kidnapping king of the world, the Dominican Republic has just set an new all-time record in the tourism industry. more »