Just a thought

Be real with yourself, If you don't understand something, Ask someone who knows

Sometimes when you don't understand something it is best to ask questions, or better yet, keep your mouth shut and observe. Don't pretend to be Mr Know-it-all the uneducated masses.

There are more Haitians living in Poverty than you may think

I was reading a news article and I was surprised when I read found out how many Haitians actually live in poverty. The number is way more than you may think.

How many young Haitian-Americans care about what is happening in Haiti?

After a long week at work and all the stress of daily living, the last thing a young Haitian-American is thinking about is stupid politics happening in Haiti.

Are they being paid to destroy our National Holidays, a Haitian asks on Social Media

This is what all Haitian holidays have become lately, including Christmas and New Year: a day of protest, manifestation and revolution. One Haitian asks on social media: Are they being paid to destroy our National Holidays?

I'd rather be talking about all the tourists visiting Haiti and the beautiful resorts but...

Believe me, I'd rather be talking about all the tourists visiting Haiti and the beautiful hotels and resorts we have but here I am stuck talking about a never ending problems, politics and the stupid people in it who refuse to let go of the old world.

How do you Legally Declare someone in Haiti as Mentally Incompetent?

I seriously believe that the Republic of Haiti lacks the ability to legally declare some people as mentally incompetent and this is destroying our society.

Is the "Blan" still behind the misfortunes of Haiti

Everything that happens in Haiti, we Haitians blame the "Blan" but is the blan responsible for all the stupid things that are happening in Haiti right now.

The only solution to save Haiti is a protectorate, Journalist Bob C. said

Haitians hate to admit that Haiti is a failed state but today, Haitian journalist Roberde Celine, dit Bob C., said a protectorate is the only solution that can pull Haiti out of the s*** hole it's in right now... Read this...

Bad news sell... Should a Haitian journalist have a soul?

Right now, there is nothing but bad news coming out of Haiti. Death and gang warfare is what you hear about everyday when you open the radio. Should a Haitian journalist hold back or report all the bad news coming out of Haiti as it is happening?

Do you consider yourself out of luck sometimes or maybe it's just not your time yet!

I once lost a New York Lottery Win For Life winning ticket because one of my parent's neighbors stopped me to ask a whole bunch of stupid questions on my way to the convenient store.