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Haiti School Principal complains he's not been nominated in 4 years of running the school, NO "Lettre de Nomination"

PHOTO: Teaching in Haiti - A Haitian school teacher teaching a in a classroom One of my neighbors in Haiti, let's call him Pierre, he is a local school principal (directeur de l'école). Imagine my surprise when principal Pierre tells me that, for the past 4 years that he's been managing the school as the principal, he's only been paid the salary of a school teacher. more »

Definition: Le paysan Haitien - Y a-t-il de vrais agriculteurs en Haiti?

Haiti: Peyi sa pa Ofri anyen, CHILI tèt Dwat Pour bien comprendre le problème agricole en Haiti, il faut savoir la véritable différence entre un agriculteur Haitien et un paysan Haitien. more »

What happened to the TOURISM fever in Haiti?

Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism Two years ago, when Stephanie Villedrouin was Minister of Tourism, there was almost a tourism fever in Haiti. Since she's been gone, well... What can I say??? Things are... Dead!!! :) more »

Haiti - Compas Music vs Religion : Why do Haitian musicians abandon Compas Music when they convert into Christianity?

Ayiti - Konpa Mizik kont Relijyon: Poukisa mizisyen ayisyen abandone Konpa lè yo konvèti? Here is something that I do not understand with Haitian music stars, as soon as they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior (konvèti) they abandon compas music like music is the devil. Why is that? more »

Poverty is MORE visible in Haiti - True or False?

Haiti - Eske Politicien Haitien yo ap panse pou moun sa yo? There is poverty everywhere in the world but in Haiti poverty is simply more visible. People with money in Haiti look POOR. So if you don't have money it is even worse... more »

You're Gonna Make Mistakes in Life - Watch this motivational VIDEO

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... Earlier today I was talking to my son and I told him you're gonna make mistakes in life and, for some strange reason, I stumbled onto a YouTube video on the front page where Warren Buffet said the exact same thing: "You're gonna make mistakes in life, there's no question about it. You don't wanna make them on the big decisions, who you marry and things like that..." more »

CHOOSE ONE : 1 Million Dollars vs a Long Healthy Life, which would you rather have?

Money vs Long Life : Choose ONE Let me ask you a question: If you had to choose between having LOTS of money and living a LONG healthy life, which would you choose??? more »

Can sleeping under a fan all night make you sick?

Put a broken fan on a flower pot and you have an art piece LOL... There are many people out there who believe sleeping with a fan all night on will make you sick is it true or false? more »

The Unwanted Guest at your house, brings nothing, consumes everything

Buffalo Chicken Wings, Curly Fries If you are going over to a friend's house for a couple of weeks, how much will you contribute in the everyday expenses of the house? OR are you planning a FREELOADING adventure??? more »

Poverty in Haiti - Are Haitian politicians thinking for them?

Haiti - Eske Politicien Haitien yo ap panse pou moun sa yo? Take a look at this photo... Imagine the people who live in this tiny little house... Where do his children go to school? Where does he get medical care when he is sick? If they have an emergency at night, who will come to his rescue? more »