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Yesterday, I decided to take a little "off-the-internet" vacation

Sleeping : Getting a good night sleep is more important than you think Nowadays, disconnecting from the internet for a day or two is like going on vacation isn't it? So, yesterday I decided to take a little "off-the-internet" vacation lol. more »

Did Haitians just open another door for American soldiers to step foot in Haiti once again?

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon Solda Americain zam a la main devan yon poster President Aristide Read this very carefully... There is information is circulating that many Americans presently in Haiti feel very uncomfortable with the current situation. Contacts are being made to have "others" come and insure the security of certain people in Haiti. more »

Young people in Haiti are more interested in the life of friends living overseas than Haiti

Haiti: Peyi sa pa Ofri anyen, CHILI tèt Dwat True or False? Young people in Haiti are more interested in the lives and experiences of their friends and compatriots who have emigrated to other countries, while they wait for their turn to travel, than by what is happening in Haiti. more »

Question: Why is the Haitian media trying to prove Haiti is a S--t Hole Country? Read this...

PHOTO - Haiti - Le Media Haitien (The Haitian Media) What is wrong with the Haitian Media? Do they even care about Haiti's image? Most Haitian news reports are so single-sided. Sometimes they report what they want you to believe or rather what they themselves believe. Read this... more »

Anthony Bennett (Ti Tony) di: Gen Gang Nan Sekte Prive a Tou!

PHOTO: Anthony Bennett - Marche Ti Tony - Haiti Gen jen ki gen zam ki se Gang! more »

One thing I notice about the Haitian media... But what if???

things that make you go hmmm There's one thing I notice about the Haitian media: They criticize a lot but they almost never congratulate... Let me tell you a story... more »

WOW... An article about Haiti made me think about myself and my country all over again!

A Haitian Grandmother pouring Water on her Grandson I just read this article by Morgan Meis about Haiti and, as a Haitian, it made me think about myself and my country all over again... You should read it too! more »

Why call it "GOOD Friday" when it is the day Jesus died on the Cross?

Good Friday : Vendredi Saint in Haiti Don't you find it interesting that the dark and bleak event commemorating a day of suffering and death of Jesus Christ is called Good Friday? more »

Haiti in the Movies - How 'Black Panther' Taps Into Years of Haitian History

Marvel Studios' Black Panther Want to know the Relationship between Marvel's Movie Black Panther, Toussaint Louverture and the History of Haiti? Read this from a text by Johns Hopkins historian Nathan Connolly... more »

Les oeuvres que nous devons pratiquer sont celles des lumieres!

Haiti - Green Light Les oeuvres qui ont pour principes l'amour du semblable sont celles qui doivent etre ambitionnees par les justes, car ce seraient celles qui peseront le plus dans la balance celeste. Si tu frequentes les bons, tes examples seront inutiles; ne crains pas de vivre parmi les mechants pour les ramener au bien. more »