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Haiti is Left in a Primitive State

Bourette Haiti There are some things that I see in Haiti I ask myself are they available anywhere else in the world... Take this for example... more »

Lately, I've decided to keep my mouth shut...

Sometimes Silence is a Really Good Answer There are many things happening in Haiti these days but they are not the type of things I want to talk about. So, I've decided to keep my mouth SHUT... more »

Haitian-Americans can send Money Transfers to Haiti but don't you dare enter politics

Pa Rele-m Diaspora, Mwen Se Haitien Why is it that Haitian politicians don't care who sends money transfers to Haiti... You can be are a legal resident, illegal immigrant in America, or a U.S. Citizen (Haitian-American), it doesn't matter. But as soon as you decide to come back home and you want to enter politics... OH NO... You're American, stay away!!! more »

Haiti - Why is a SIMPLE Repair is so Darn Complicated?

PHOTO: Haiti - This broken Screw cost me 25,000 Gourdes in Repair Ohhh... The stress in tying to REPAIR something in Haiti... I had a simple problem with an electric power generator. Before long, my simple problem became a huge crisis... $25,000 Gourdes in repairs, and growing... Read this... more »

News from Haiti is BORING these days, isn't it?

Haiti Nouvelles - Peyi a an K K... Nou mele... As the person who is constantly keeping you informed about what is happening in Haiti everyday, sometimes I go into information OVERLOAD... Other times, it's plain BORING... You can tell when Haiti is standing STILL just by the news or lack of it... more »

Haitians, Why BRAG about it if you Do NOT intend to SHARE it?

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... My fellow Haitians... Why do you brag about what you have in abundance if you do not intend to share it with the people you are bragging to? Let me tell you a story that happened only a few days ago... more »

My Scariest Dream about Haiti - VOLCANOES Errupt Everywhere!

Haiti Volcano - Haiti on Fire - Haiti Pran DIFE! I just had the scariest dream about Haiti... In my dream, I saw VOLCANOES erupt everywhere, on every mountain top in Haiti... I saw FIRE spitting out everywhere... I saw volcano lava flowing in all our rivers... more »

Haiti: Yon camion ki ekri an anglais "We Help People", Haitien tou poste revandication yo sou li LOL...

Coincidences - A Truck labeled 'We Help People' has Haitian Creole demands all over it Mezanmi, Tande ak wè se 2... Gade yon camion en Haiti ki ekri an anglais "We Help People" (nou ede moun) epi Haitien yo komanse ekri tout revandikasyon yo sou li... Nou bezwen Kouran... LOL... more »

EDH en Haiti = BLACKOUT tout Lajounen, en Haiti Frijide se BIBLO, LOL...

Haiti - EDH at Work - Electricité d'Haiti ap Travay Mezanmi, nan jou sa yo, EDH prèske pa bay kouran ditou... EDH bay kouran nan ville Hinche byen ta nan aswè, epi kon li 6hr nan maten, voup, yo pran kouran an... Menm si ou genyen frigidaire lakay ou, li pa itil ou anyen excepte petèt yon vè dlo glacé... En Haiti, Frijidè se BIBLO... Mèsi EDH... more »

O O... Apa Moun yo pa pataje photo bannann sou Facebook anko!

PHOTO: Haiti - Apa IZOLAN pose aba Bannann li? Mezanmi tout koze bon pou pale... Nan jou sa yo, mwen pa remake photo bannann sou Facebook menm, se photo ZONBI mwen wè konnye sèlman... LOL... Kisa sa vle di??? more »