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Haitian Christians, why mention Satan's name at all?

Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois celebrating Mass at St Jerome Church in Brooklyn NY Here is something to think about this morning... Why do you keep mentioning Satan's name while you are in church? Would it not be better to simply praise the Lord and thank him for all he has done for you? more »

Muhammad Ali Te Suporte Haiti nan moman Goudougoudou a, Nou di li MESI pou sa

Chris Rock Muhammad Ali Hope For Haiti Now Telethon Hommage a Muhammad Ali... Nan Moman Haiti te nan soufrans li, apre goudougoudou 12 Janvier a, gran boxer Muhammad Ali te reponn prezan malgre maladi li tap soufri... An nou tout Haitien di li mesi pousa... more »

Haitian Planters complaining about too much rain these days

PHOTO: Haiti -  4 Haitien chita nan yon lakou andeyo ap kale pwa Many Haitian planters are complaining about the rain... Too much rain, they cannot plant their crops... Isn't that funny? When there's no rain there is a problem, when there is rain there is a problem... more »

Haiti-USA Visa Question : Does traveling to the Dominican Republic Increase your chances of getting a US Visa?

En Haiti, Yon VISA Americain se GWO Koze... There are many Haitians in Haiti who believe that buying a Dominican visa and traveling to the Dominican Republic a few times will increase their chance of getting a visa to the United States... Is this true of false??? more »

Haiti FIRE Safety - Which Ministry in Responsible for Building Fire Stations in Haiti?

PHOTO: Haiti - Gwo DIFE nan Ville Hinche, Yon Pump Gazoline Eksploze... Think about this for a minute... There has been three (3) major fire incident in Haiti within the last month and they caused a lot of property damage because there are no fire stations and no fire trucks in the vicinity where these fires occurred... QUESTION: Which government ministry in responsible for building fire stations in Haiti? more »

Haiti - FIRE breaks out in Petionville, NO Fire Trucks, No POMPIERS where Rich People Live

PHOTO: Haiti Petionville Restaurant Fire - Old El Cubano Restaurant Can you believe this??? In Petionville Haiti, where the RICH people live, a FIRE breaks out in a restaurant and guess what... There's not a single Fire Truck in the commune, No "sapeurs-pompiers" in Petionville where rich people have millions of dollars invested... more »

Haiti in List of 5 Countries with NO Woman In Parliament

Oprah Travel to Haiti Did you know? Haiti is in a rare list of 5 countries with NO woman in parliament... Here is the list... Guess who is complaining about that??? more »

Death Penalty in Haiti, YES or NO?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Capital punishment, death penalty or execution is abolished in Haiti by the 1987 constitution; however, some Haitian citizens are are questioning whether of not it should be reinstated due some of the cold blood, willful and premeditated murders that are taking place in parts of the country, especially to uniformed police officers who are being murdered in the line of duty in the capital and surrounding areas... more »

Haiti Eleksyon - Lekol BOULE, Se Demokrasi, Bravo Pep Ayisyen

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation, Tires Burning Se demokrasi. Ayiti se peyi ki chanpyon nan demokrasi. Se gwo viktwa pou pèp la. Pèp la sove. Anpil riches minye, anpil patriyòt konsekan, yon pèp lib e libè ki pran desten l an men.... more »

PHOTO: Bad Week for a major Car Breakdown Away from Home

PHOTO: Car trouble, Mechanic working on it Hello friends and fans... Here I am, on the last week before the Haiti Elections, with a major car breakdown far away from home... I think it is the engine... more »