Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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Topic: Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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Why did the man cut the haitian's hands off? did he still something? read more >
Samuel, 10-Dec-08 9:59 pm
The situation of the Haitians in republic Dominican was always precarious. But, as for this act, villainous and obnoxious committed on this Haitian... read more >
Chesnel Edmond, 10-Dec-08 11:17 pm
It is not the first time, that happend in Dominican Republic to Haitian people.there is no justice for Haitian in Dominican Republic.there is no... read more >
Joe Beni, 11-Dec-08 2:12 am
This is very sad to see. What happend to this man could have happening to me. I am haitian and he's also a haitian. That is proof that we do not... read more >
Michel Louis, 11-Dec-08 2:38 pm
Something needs to be done because as a nation they make us suffer too much everytime they show something about Haiti it is always in a bad way now... read more >
Pat, 11-Dec-08 4:29 pm
This don't make no sense why would somebody do that for,they should report this to the government or something this hurt so bad why it always got to... read more >
Burld, 11-Dec-08 8:40 pm
The Dominicans have learned this from The Spaniards. I have lived in The Dominican Republic, I am married to a Dominican women and I have family in... read more >
James Daguillard, 11-Dec-08 9:34 pm
My brother sent me this email, the same question I asked how could someone be so heartless....there are times in life a person try not to hate... read more >
Turkslady, 12-Dec-08 8:53 am
god were are you,wake up.what he doo to have such of pain,but i know the dominican peo ple dont like haitian peoples.did he get caught.he is a... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 12-Dec-08 9:14 am
This Video may be horrific, but the act is nothing but heinous, another demonstration of a sanguinary barbarian act; perhaps, the Haitian government... read more >
King, 12-Dec-08 9:24 am
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