Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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Topic: Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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Trop triste ce video qui m'a brise le coeur.J'ai passe trois jours a Santo Domingo je n'y retournerai jamais et meme mes amies qui vivent la-bas et... read more >
Lmar Barbier, 10-Dec-08 5:53 pm
Hi Woodring: Cette image est un pur montage, Lylian read more >
Lillian, 10-Dec-08 6:08 pm
Well, I am really disgusted seeing this video. The man with the machete have him naked first than cut both his arms. The only things I can think of... read more >
Franck, 10-Dec-08 7:47 pm
whoever did this had no heart on the inside. How could you cut his both hands for whatever reason it might be. Something very serious has to be done... read more >
Wilmide, 10-Dec-08 7:48 pm
Totally agree with you.We definitely are not that dumb, stupid, and coward. read more >
Taty, 10-Dec-08 8:49 pm
That's sad to see one of my brothers to be treated like that in a foreign country. Is it what it worth for being the first black nation independant... read more >
John Lahens, 10-Dec-08 8:59 pm
After viewing this video, I was so disturbed by its graphic nature that I spend most of the night trying to put the subject in perspective. I wept... read more >
Jean E. Dieudonne, 10-Dec-08 9:02 pm
This is something that should give us haitians a "reality check". There was a time when dominicans were nobodies to us, but now, look at what's... read more >
Emmanuelle, 10-Dec-08 9:14 pm
This video may not be a hoax, i was say that after i hear that on the news may be is true.It is time for the governement in haiti to take they... read more >
Daniel, 10-Dec-08 9:25 pm
After I have seen this video, my heart was broken. Even I did not cry but, I am furious and all the blood of Dessalines, my father, comes in my... read more >
Marie Francois, 10-Dec-08 9:32 pm
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