Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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Topic: Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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that's doesn't fair but the haitian notion dont have a gouvernment who care about them and have thinking about how much haitians students who living... read more >
Moise Junior, 17-Dec-08 1:26 pm
I think as Haitians, it's time for all of us to come together to see how we can change our image in the world. Je pense comme etant Haitiens, c'est... read more >
Jean Jacques Jean, 17-Dec-08 7:11 pm
Yeah I Heard that too the guy is not dominican anyways me I am haitian either it was haitian Abusing Dominican or vice versa it's not fair to cut... read more >
Madelin, 18-Dec-08 10:23 am
If you why he cutted his hands that's not bad to know but that can t really solve the problem cause it s already happened. read more >
Madelin, 18-Dec-08 10:27 am
I really Like your thoughts but keep that in Mind we living thae last days the problem is all over the world. read more >
Madelin, 18-Dec-08 10:29 am
it's just like you were reading my mind that's wht i thought too so we can track that video and post it in youtube or create a blog. read more >
Madelin, 18-Dec-08 10:36 am
yoo dat shit crazyy i wouldd have just killedd myselff. i guess he had a family to take care of. read more >
Buttbutt 3, 18-Dec-08 6:35 pm
To tell you the truth folks, I was really pissed off when I first watched the video. But after analyzing it frame by frame, I have concluded without... read more >
Toto, 19-Dec-08 12:01 pm
Manno: This evil act will always to our people because of our lact of doing nothing for our country. Haity was one of richest island at one point... read more >
Manno Jen, 21-Dec-08 3:43 pm
That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard and you should be ashamed of yourself.How can you call the men stupid when you yourself sound like an... read more >
Myrline, 27-Dec-08 12:46 pm
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