Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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Topic: Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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What does the dominican republic government has to say about that cruelty. where is justice? read more >
Ernest, 10-Dec-08 12:27 am
C'est trop dur a regarder, s'il vous plait enlevez ce video sur l'internet. Je ne sais meme quoi dire au sujet de ce video. Ces gens la en... read more >
Marie Katia Brutus, 10-Dec-08 12:40 am
This video was submited to CNN IReport, I see it posted at least 3 times, so far they have not run the story on CNN yet Let's wait and see. There is... read more >
Randy, 10-Dec-08 2:12 am
Haitian always say that Haiti has a lot of criminal but if we compare it to Dominican Rep we are at a level very low this guy who cut of the hands... read more >
Junior, 10-Dec-08 9:18 am
It's not fair to cut hand of someone like that, if we can find some more informations about where becomes this video and try to find the haitian man... read more >
Yvo, 10-Dec-08 9:50 am
This is an outrage! Who the hell is responsible for this. The video itself is a gruesome image, but to think the man whose hands were cut off is a... read more >
Jean-harmel Fenton, 10-Dec-08 12:37 pm
i can't say a word i don't believe it tha's what those people use to do to us,to our parents and now they are doing it again those people think they... read more >
Lili, 10-Dec-08 2:50 pm
that's right we need each other more than ever now all we need to do is united ourselves and recognize that we are nothing without each other and... read more >
Josianne, 10-Dec-08 2:57 pm
i agree with you they go to our country they do whatever they want Who do they think they are? i know i'm not suppose to hate but i hate those... read more >
Cindy, 10-Dec-08 3:03 pm
I saw the video last evening. My stomach turned to the point that I wanted to throw up. I felt violated, not just because the victim may be Haitian... read more >
Ollin, 10-Dec-08 5:53 pm
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