Rebuilding Haiti Being Compared To Europe After World War II

Rebuilding Haiti after the earthquake is a task similar to rebuilding Europe after the World War Two, it involves complex decisions on how to house or resettle more than one million people left homeless by one of the world's worst disasters...

These words were uttered by senior World Bank official according to a recent article by Pascal Fletcher of Reuters.


Is the international community movie fast enough?

The international community is facing a lot of criticism because, nine months after the earthquake, there are still rubbles in the streets of Haiti, and most of the earthquake survivors are still waiting for a miracle in the streets of port-au-prince...


How long will it take to bring Haiti back to Normal?

Pamela Cox says...

"...Everyone wants a magic wand to be waved (in Haiti) and everything fixed by January, the first anniversary ... that ain't going to happen, it's impossible.."

The world needs to be aware of the scale and complexity of the goal to "build back better" in Haiti. "It is, I think, one of the worst situations that the world has faced"

Pamela is the vice president of World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean and she compared rebuilding Haiti's teeming capital and reviving the crippled economy to reconstructing an area devastated by war, like Europe after the Second World War.


Do you believe the "International Community" is doing a good job in helping Haiti after the earthquake?

Are they moving fast enough?

Do we have any other choice but to WAIT?

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Rudy Etienne says...

Under the circumstances and past history in Haiti, I believe that the International Community is moving cautiously.

Our past government history with handling money received from abroad is probably the biggest road block to progress in Haiti.

To be direct, the Haitian government cannot be trusted with the millions of dollars that were promised for the various projects necessary to rebuild and move Haiti forward.

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