New Luxury Hotel In Haiti, Right By The Airport

Are there any state-of-the-art hotels in Haiti? If the answer is NO... Believe me... It wont be NO for long... In about 18 months, there will be a brand new 240-room state-of-the-art hotel built in Haiti, right next to Port-au-Prince Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

Could it look like that one over there - - - >

:) I dont knowwww...

This is a joint venture between an Argentine entrepreneur and one of Haiti's most powerful families, The Miami Herald said.

"Organizers are planning to break ground by the end of 2010 on a parcel of land owned by the Mevs family, " the article says, and "Rolando Gonzalez-Bunster, an Argentine entrepreneur, also is involved"

Reality Check...

Many dignitaries have been to Haiti and of them have flown to the neighboring Dominican Republic in other to spend the night..

This is a fact...

Do you remember when Ronaldinho the Brazilian soccer team came to Haiti? They didn't spend the night with us...

Hmmm... I wonder why...

Here are some additional facts about the project...

  • The hotel will have an onsite power plant, a water treatment and sewage system... In a sense, it will be self contains just like the U.S. embassy in Haiti.
  • It will be built on 5.3 acres of land. (Sa egal konbyen kawo de terrrr?)
  • The hotel does not yet have a name BECAUSE... it will be operated by a U.S. Firm... Is it the Marriott? Is it the Hilton? Youri Mevs is keeping that a secret...

How many jobs will be created?

It is true that a hotel this size will bring jobs to Haiti but the article did not mention exactly how many jobs will be created.

If the plan is it be to build a state-of-the-art hotel, I am assuming five star, it will definitely be a plus for Haiti's economy.

Edmund Miller, another partner in the project, said that building a hotel in Haiti makes more sense if it's located near the airport instead of up in the hills of PetionVille.

I agree...

What do you think about that?

Reply with your comments.

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Franckner says...

I wish it become a reality for Haiti.

i live East of downtown Orlando, Florida and I know a Resort Hotel that have 20% staff's

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Joe Louis says...

Dear Hotel Manager:

I'd like to apply for a position at within your hotel.

With 15 years of strong management experience under my belt and exceptional hospitality skills to complement this experience, I am confident in my ability to become a core element of your team.

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Jefferson Douyon says...

I trust no one bout to built a five star hotel in HAITI.

I don't know it can be but for me when I see I

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Oxceva says...

It is a terrific idea!but it's depend to what direction politic our country is taking after the next election.

( si eleksyon an pa byen fet, eske

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Andy says...

I alwyas believed my country will be better, that a great Idea to build a hotel in Haiti.

A n nou kontinye priye pou rev Peyi nou an kab

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Marjorie Michel says...

I think that will be

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Jean Claude says...

that is wonderful and i am for that step i support if san pou san " % " m'byin kontan yap kontri li tou pre epot-la PLIS KONTROL

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Johnybmeri says...

This is a great idea. I've been waiting for that long time ago. We will still need more business in Haiti.

Pou ka moute moral

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Myrtho Charles says...

That is a marvelous idea. It is a very long overdue

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Rudy says...

I have read of a massive expension that includes building airport, five-star hotels being self-sufficient (power plant) and the creation of many jobs in La Tortue Island.

Is anything in progress?

I wait and see for this one as I hope for the

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