Under the circumstances and past history in Haiti, I believe...

Rudy Etienne - September 16 2010, 5:48 PM

Under the circumstances and past history in Haiti, I believe that the International Community is moving cautiously.

Our past government history with handling money received from abroad is probably the biggest road block to progress in Haiti.

To be direct, the Haitian government cannot be trusted with the millions of dollars that were promised for the various projects necessary to rebuild and move Haiti forward.

The speed of progress will depend on the Haitian government seriousness about the welfare of Haiti and the people that were displaced by the earthquake.

I feel and hope that our government share my sentiment that prolonging the suffering of the Haitian people who lost everything is a disgrace.

The government has the choice to put the people first, remove the road blocks and allow companies from abroad who have the expertise to come in and rebuild the houses, roads, and the infrastructure of the country.

That will be a great opportunity to create all types of jobs for the Haitian people.

In my opinion, any contracts for the rebuilding of Haiti should go to Haitians small businesses, not to the rich families whom I don't believe are interested in providing better living conditions for the majority of the Haitian population.

I am hoping that progress will become a reality sooner than later.

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