Haiti Medical News - New Teaching Hospital To Be Built In Mirebalais Haiti

A new 320-bed teaching hospital is scheduled to be built in Mirebalais, Plateau central Haiti. The hospital is a project of Partners in Health. They made the announcement yesterday.

This new hospital will include six operating rooms, it will have digital X-ray capabilities, and it will be powered in part by solar panels.

Before I tell you more, let me explain to you what a "Teaching Hospital" is...

I know you're intelligent... But I am so excited... Indulge me OK?

A teaching hospital is a hospital that provides clinical education and training to future and current doctors, nurses, and other health professionals (that means 'future' Haitian doctors... well... you get it... :), in addition to delivering medical care to patients.

Teaching hospitals are generally affiliated with medical schools or universities. These hospitals are often called university hospitals.

Example of a teaching hospital in the USA...

If you live in Massachusetts, the home of Partners in Health, you may be familiar with the Boston Medical Center (BMC), a non-profit 639-bed medical center which happens to be the primary teaching affiliate of the Boston University School of Medicine.

BMC also happens to be where my two sons were born...

Yep... I used to live in Boston too... Malden to be exact!

Upham St, that's where Fouye was born!

A teaching hospital in Haiti... A fine example of reconstruction...

I read an article about this in the New York times in which they call Partners in Health "an exemplary nongovernmental organization"

The article says...

Dr. Paul Farmer, one of the founders of Partners in Health, has spoken forcefully about the need to break bad old habits of international aid, which in half a century has never reached the goal of creating a functioning country run by Haitians for Haitians...

...Rebuilding Haiti requires building a functioning, responsive Haitian state...

...A hospital that teaches a new generation of Haitian doctors and nurses, meeting an aching need for medical care while spurring the home-grown economy, is a fine example of how to do that.

Today is Sunday and all I can say is...

AMEN... Doktè Famèr... Alelouya!

Li tap pi bon si nou te bati lopital la HINCHE kòm se la-m soti (Can you smell the jalouzi?) But. Mirebalais is close enough...

After all... location, location, location... There aint no 'Goudougoudou' in the Plateau Centrale

Now it's your turn...

What do you think about this?

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Nicole Jean Louis says...

what about Cap Haitian, Saint Raphael, Dondon people are in need too at saint Raphael only one empty hospital please we need partner help

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Marcial N says...

I know these come from Almighty God.He is only can think of us like it, that is why I love Him.He does great thing for His children in Haiti.May God bless all who invove in this projet.

So long my

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Betty says...

you speak like an ignorant.

Where have you been raised?Learn about your country and its people before saying such nonsense.

To you Woodring itis good to be excited about new initiatives.But most of our hospitals are teaching hospitals especially:l'Hopital de L'Universite d'Etat D'Haiti known to many as "lopital jeneral.

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Youseline Pierre Simon says...


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Marcy Paul says...

Jeez, when I first heard the very same comment I was rolling in my crib in diapers! Certain thing never changed.

Small mind, small people, small ideas.

You certainly have been brainwashed to think that ONLY white men can do great things.

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Will Smith says...

It because our people are become lazy. We wate for the rest of world to help us while they laff at us because Wyclef Jean run for president.

We need to stop ask for help from white men and help our selfs.

We have became lazy and

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Jean Rhau says...

Among the professionals in Haiti, Haitian doctors still maintain a good reputation among the people.

After the earthquake many doctors have ceased their private medical practice because the people come with a lot of needs but no money to pay for treatment.

In some cases, the patients expect the doctor to pay for their

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Will Smith says...

We need white men docters in Haiti.

They are smarter and are train better to help us. Black docters are like black pilots I don't want one flying me or operating on

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Osterne Jean says...

Teaching Medical Care is Veri Good God Bless Haiti Were Love

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T Lagwe says...

I am not of this, but the saying goes, 30 % of all the black doctors in the state of New York are of Haitian extraction.

We should do more to help our own people, the health care industry is an area where we excellled, this new teaching hospital is a new opportunity for Haitian doctors to go and do research and help in the rebiulding of our

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