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Happy Birthday Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Born September 20, 1758

Haiti - September 20 is Jean-Jacques Dessalines' birthday... Dessalines was born 20 September, 1758. So this year, 2014 marks 256 years since his was born... more »

Haiti - Operation Uphold Democracy - Reinstatement of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as President of Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon Solda Americain zam a la main devan yon poster President Aristide Operation Uphold Democracy (19 September 1994 - 31 March 1995) was an intervention designed to remove the military regime installed by the 1991 Haitian coup d'état that overthrew the elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. more »

Haiti Income Tax Deadline (Impot sur le Revenu)

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti Did you know? Haiti has an Income tax deadline... All working Haitians have to file their "Impôt sur le Revenu" and submit it to the Direction Generale des Impots (DGI)... But when is Income taxes due in Haiti? more »

Cap Haitien Haiti - New Taxis for Airport Passengers

PHOTO: Haiti Tourist Taxi Haitian taxi drivers serving Cap Haitien's Hugo Chavez International Airport are getting ready to serve the New international passengers arriving in the city and the Minister of Tourism want to equip them with fresh new taxi cabs... more »

New Prison in Northern Haiti to be built by a USA Construction Company

PHOTO: Haiti Prison - Prisoner in Haiti The US Government has just awarded a contract to a construction company in Maryland to build a two-story prison in Northern Haiti, This new prison will be designed to hold 300 prisoners... more »

Miss Haiti 2014 is Tonight, Who will be the new Miss Haiti 2014?

PHOTO: Miss Haiti 2014 - Bikini Fashion Show - Group Photo I just found out... Miss Haiti 2014 is Tonight, Satuday 6 September 2014, Happening now at the Karibe Convention Center... Who will be the new Miss Haiti 2014? more »

Haiti - Panic in Petit Goave Festival - Police brutality reported

UDMO - Police Nationale d'Haiti There was a major incident at the Festival Notre-Dame de Petit-Goave Sunday, 17 Aug 2014, involving UDMO agents of the Haiti national police... For unknown reasons, these agents intervened violently creating panic at the festival, something that resulted in many injuries, even looting according to reports... more »

Protest in Haiti - Aristide fanatics have taken to the streets early Monday morning...

Breaking News - Partisans of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide came out this early Monday morning burning tires in the streets of Port-au-Prince... more »

Haiti - Senate Andrice Riche di: Menm Chanyy (shoeshiner) kay Brandt ka ofri YON MILLION dollar pou fe moun pe

Clifford Brandt - Senateur Andrice Riche Sou zafè Clifford Brandt ki sove nan prizon an, Haiti Senateur Andrice Richè fe konnen ke "Menm Chanyy (neg k-ap netwaye soulye) lakay Brandt kapab ofri YON MILLION dollars" pou pe djòl nenpot moun ki ta anvi di ki kote Clifford Brant ye pou touche ranson ke lapolis dispoze bay la... Dapre Senatur Riche, Famille Brant la gen anpil lajan e yon million goud ke gouvenman an ofri a poki pret pou ase pou yo ta jwen Cliffort Brandt more »

Haiti Police Search Brandt Family Businesses and Homes looking for escaped convict Clifford Brandt

PHOTO - Haiti - Clifford Brandt MUGSHOT Following the Prison break in city of Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti, Haitian authorities went searching for escaped prisoner Clifford Brandt in some of the Brandt family businesses and their homes in the capital, accodring to Haiti news reports... Croix-des-Bouquets Commissaire du Gouvernement Leny Telisma, accompanied by chef du parquet de Port-au-Prince Kerson Charles Darius, some judges (juges de paix), and specialized units of Haitian National Police like BRI and SWAT searched the Brandt car dealership in Delmas 2 and a Brandt family home in Delmas 60... more »