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FLASH : Haiti Embassy in South Africa EVICTED for Unpaid Rent

PHOTO: Haiti Embassy belongings taken away for Unpaid Rent This is embarrassing but it's true... The embassy of Haiti in Waterkloof, Pretoria, South Africa, was EVICTED for not paying rent... All of the Embassy belongings were loaded in a truck and taken away... more »

Haiti Elections - Did Haitian Voters LOOSE Interest in the Elections?

Haiti National Palace... Once upon a time in Haiti... Haiti Elections Update -- How interested are you in the elections this year? If you take a poll amongst your family and friends in Haiti, you will realize that many of them have lost interest in the upcoming elections... Honestly, when you hear conversations in the streets of Haiti, more people are worried about the Haitian gourde losing its value to the US dollar than who will be the next senator, depute or even president of Haiti... more »

Ou Konnen ki Jan Pou'w Lapriye epi Jwenn Bon Jan Rezilta?

Lè m 'te yon timoun ap grandi an Ayiti, manman m' te anseye mwen ki jan yo lapriyè: "Di Bondye mèsi pou tout sa li fè pou ou ak tout sa l-ap kontinye fè pou ou." Lè m vinn pi gran, m'ap chèche kèk motivasyon, mwen reyalize, se pa konsa ou dwe lapriyè... Mwen dekouvri ke gen yon lòt fason pi efikas pou ou lapriyè ... Sa mache pou mwen, petèt li ka mache pou ou tou... Li teks saa... Pataje li ak tout moun ou konnen... more »

Haiti Elections - Campaigning Starts But CEP Said Nothing About It...

PHOTO: Haiti Caricature - Kalandrye Electoral 2015 - Opozisyon ap Reflechi Haiti Elections Update -- Already in the streets of Haiti, campaining has started on the Candidates side BUT on the CEP side it is a different story... Already, Posters of the candidates for Senators and Deputes are glued EVERYWHERE, on lamp posts (poto limye), private walls, school walls, on public squares; however, the Electoral Council (CEP) made no official statement about it... more »

Haiti - ONA Employees raise 2,000,000 Gourdes too assist Repatriated Haitian-Dominicans

Soy Dominicano Haiti - In order to assist the hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian decent who are about to be repatriated from the Dominican Republic, employees ONA have raised more than two million gourdes and placed in in a special fund called FONDSONA... more »

FIFA Vice President Accused of STEALING Haiti Earthquake Money

FIFA Vice President Jack Warner has been investigated by US prosecutors over the disappearance $750,000 Haiti earthquake money that found its way into a bank accounts he controlled... more »

How many Haitians in the Diaspora?

Haitian American Flag In case you are wondering how many Haitians are in the Diaspora around the world, here are the numbers... Here is what we found out the number of Haitians living in the Diaspora... more »

Haiti Environment - What Happens to ALL the TREES Planted Each and Every Year?

PHOTO: Tree seedlings for sale in Haiti Each and every year in Haiti, you hear about all the MILLIONS of TREES being planted to help fight deforestation; however, the following year, NOBODY talks about how these trees have grown and how Haiti is getting GREENER... Nope, you only hear about MILLIONS of new trees being planted... What's up with that??? more »

Haiti Justice - Gonaives Government Commissioner Enock Genes Fired over scandal

The Haiti Government Commissioner of Gonaives, Comissaire du gouvernement Enock Génés, was fired over a scandal involving a prisoner being escorted by police to a bank to make a bank to bank money transfer... more »

Haiti - MINUSTAH Peacekeeper Shot Dead in a Protest

PHOTO: Haiti - MINUSTAH ap travay... LOL... A Chilean MINUSTAH peacekeeper, Rodrigo Andrés Sanhueza Soto, died and a Haitian police and protesters were wounded by gunfire in Ouanaminthe Haiti Monday during a protest for Electricity... more »