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Cubans OK but... NOT The Haitians

The Haitian Immigration Crisis Make A Comment more »

Abraham Lincoln Deported Blacks to Haiti - Yes, Lincoln The DEPORTOR...

Abraham Lincoln, The Great Deportor Oh you're gonna love this one!... The first Black deportees to Haiti were not the Haitians at all, they were African-Americans and they were shipped to Haiti by guess who? more »

Haitian Rally Today, Manno Sanon has Cancer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ more »

79th Street Immigration Building In Miami Is Closing

The famous Immigration Building on Biscayne Boulevard and NE 79th Street, in Miami Florida will close its doors soon. more »

Father Gerard Jean-Juste Dead at 62

Father Gerard Jean-Juste - TPS For Haitians Father Gerard Jean-Juste died in Miami Yesterday, May 27, 2009, after suffering from a stroke... Gerard Jean-Juste was 62... more »

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, His Impact on Haiti

Senator Edward M. Kennedy And Haiti foreign policy As I sit here watching the casket of Senator Edward M. Kennedy arrive at Arlington cemetery in Washington D.C. I started wondering what did Senator Kennedy do in Washington for the benefit of Haiti and the Haitian community? more »

Haiti Telephone - DIGICEL Service Prices Are Going UP

HAITI: Natcom Vs. Digicel... Kiyes ki Pi Bon? Haiti mobile phone company DIGICEL announced a rate increase that they attribute to the recent depreciation of the Haitian gourde compared to the US dollar... more »

Haiti is Living Beyond its Means, Wilson Laleau says

Have you heard the News? Haiti is leaving way beyond its means, Haiti spends 35 percent MORE each year than it has... Wilson Laleau, Haiti's Minister of Economy and Finance, said this recently before businessmen meeting in the Economic Forum of the Haitian private sector... more »

28 July 2015 marks 100 Years since the USA Invaded Haiti

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government Today, Tuesday July 28, 2015, marks 100 years to the day since United States Occupation of Haiti began... It was on July 28, 1915, that 330 US Marines landed at Port-au-Prince Haiti to begin what the Americans called: safeguarding the interests of US corporations... After 100 years, where is Haiti now??? more »