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Haiti - Drivers License and Passports are not Commodities, Govt Reply to Tax Hike

PHOTO - Haitian Passports There has been so much complaint in Haiti regarding a recent tax hike especially on the price to renew drivers licenses and passports... The government replies, these things are NOT Commodities... more »

Haiti - ALL Schools Closed Monday after Elections

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) The Haiti Ministry of Education informs all parents and students that all schools will be closed Monday, 26 October 2015, following the election day... Private and public schools are closed... more »

Haiti Jou Election - Yon POLICIER Deklare: Si PAPA-m fe dezod jodi a, m ap ARETE-l

PHOTO: Haiti - Police Nationale Haiti Elections Update -- Yon Policier declare: "Menm si PAPA-m fe dezod jodi a, m ap ARETE-l..." La police National d'Haiti reyelman mobilize pou election 25 Octobre 2015 yo bien pase... more »

Haiti - Arcahaie Rejoice, Commune des Arcadins presidential decree Cancelled

PHOTO: Haiti - Moun Arcahaie BOULE yon Bus Compagnie Sans-Souci Haiti Boundary delimitation update -- President Martelly's decree law creating the Commune des Arcadins which has created lots of trouble in Arcahaie has been CANCELLED, Prime Minsiter Evans Paul said... more »

QUESTION: Haiti - Konbyen Kawotchou ki Boule nan peyi a depi 1986 jusqu'a nos jours?

Pere Lebrun - Tire Burning In Haiti Haitiens, yon QUESTION: Dapre ou, konbyen gren KAWOTCHOU ou panse nou boule nan peyi a komanse nan lane 1986 le Duvalier ale rive jounen jodi a??? more »

Haiti Reconstruction - 199 Year-Old Alexandre Petion High School (Lycee) has a New LOOK...

PHOTO: Haiti - Nouveau Lycee Alexandre Petion a Port-au-Prince Haiti Reconstruction - Lycee Alexandre Petion in Port-au-Prince, built in 1816, has been newly reconstructed... more »

Haiti Currency Exchange Rate - Which side is worth more?

1 Gourde, 5 Gourdes - Haitian Coins vs USA Coins Take a good look at this photo... Which side is worth more than the other? (A) The side with the 4 US Quarters? or (B) the side with all these Haitian gourdes AND 5-gourdes coins??? more »

Haiti Police Officer found DEAD in Delmas 19

Francisco Gedeon, an officer of the Haitian National Police force, was found dead next to his motorcycle in the suburbs of Delmas 19, Port-au-Prince Haiti, early Friday morning, 02 October 2015... more »

What Does a Haitian Look Like?

What does a Haitian look like? By: Prosper Sylvain, Jr. Based on a poem "I don't look Haitian" by the author more »

I don't look Haitian - by Prosper Sylvain Jr.

I Don't Look Haitian? more »