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Banks in Haiti - Bill Gates Is Funding Mobile Banking In Haiti

Bill Gates offers $10 Million Dollars to fund for mobile banking in Haiti. Very soon, you will be able to send and receive money using only your cell phone in Haiti thanks to the Bill gates and Melinda Gates Foundation who has created a $10 million fund for mobile banking services in the country. more »

Haiti CLAIRIN - Deadly Drinking Alcohol Kills Many

Haiti Health -- There are news reports of a deadly moonshine (clairin) out there killing people in the country. Alcohol drinkers beware... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Another Police Officer DOWN... Officer Saincius Wilkinson Shot Dead in Nazon

PHOTO: Haiti Police - PNH en Deuil Haiti Crime - Another Haitian police officer has fallen... Officer Saincius Wilkinson was gunned down inside a public transportation bus in Carrefour Nazon Tuesday by armed individuals... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Martelly Announces 2nd Round Presidential for 17 January 2016

Haiti Elections Update -- President Michel Martelly Announces that he will publish a presidential decreee inviting the people to go out and vote in the 2nd Round Presidential on 17 January 2016... Martelly made this announcement during his speech Independence day, 01 January, in the city of Gonaives... more »

We're Back for Another Year of non-stop Information about Haiti

Haiti - Change You Can Believe In The year 2015 is gone, 2016 is here and we are back at work to inform you about what is happening in Haiti... Thank you for supporting us throughout the years, please continue to support us in the years to come... more »

Haiti Media : Radio Kiskeya Under Attack, Shots fired at the Radio Station

PHOTO: Haiti - Neg ak Zam Tire Sou Radio Kiskeya Haiti Radio Kiskeya Under Attack... Unknown individuals fired several shots at Haitian Radio station early Tuesday morning, 01 December 2015, around 1:00am... The main facade, the front gate and the front door were hit by bullets... more »

Haiti - Rapper IZOLAN Denies Rumors he was arrested in a Manifestation

PHOTO: Haiti - Apa IZOLAN pose aba Bannann li? Haiti - Rap Creole superstar IZOLAN denies rumors he was arrested by police in in a recent street protest... The rapper says his friends were arrested bur not him... more »

Haiti - Actor SMOYE Noisy is Dead... Fact of Rumor?

PHOTO: Smoye Noisy News Broke midday Wednesday that Haitian actor SMOYE Noisy is Dead... Haiti radio Signal FM reported it around 2:15pm with a bit of a doubt yet saying a known doctor confirmed it... Turns out... It is not true, Smoye noisy is alive and well... more »

Haiti - GADE VIDEO SAA... Le w gade video a wa Konprann... LOL...

Gade Video saa, Le w gade l w a konprann Haitien zanmi m yo... GADE VIDEO SAA... Lè w gade l wa Konprann... LOL... more »

Haiti - Yo Poste Photo Kadav Black Alex TOUTOUNI sou Facebook, Sa pa bon mezanmi

PHOTO: Haiti - Back Alex Mezanmi, Atis Black Alex Mouri, gen yon moun ki pran photo kadav la sou kabann lopital la epi poste li sou Facebook... Sak pi mal la, yo dekouvri kadav la yo fe foto li TOUTOUNI jan manman l te fe l, epi you poste li sou Facebook... Poukisa??? more »