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Haiti's peanut producers oppose 500-tonne US donation

Konbit : Haitian Farmers working together planting crops in Plateau Central Haiti Over 50 groups of farmers and aid workers seek to stop planned 500-tonne shipment that US officials term a donation. more »

Haiti Government Suspend Decision to Raise Gas Prices

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti The Haitian Government has decided to suspend their decision to raise gas prices after so many complaints coming from all sides... Even Senators and Deputes who support Privert and his administration were complaining. more »

Haitian Peasants form a KONBIT for Road Maintenance

PHOTO: Trois Roches Haiti - a Muddy Road Haitian peasants in Trois Roches, a small village outside the city of Hinche, are forming a KONBIT Saturday in order to do some maintenance in the stretch of muddy road that leads to their village. more »

FLASH: Plateau Central Haiti - Route Thomassique-Dalegrand COUPE, Barikad, Dife...

PHOTO: Thomassique Haiti Plateau Central Haiti : Nouvelles -- Route Thomassique pou ale Dalegrand koupe plizye moso lanwit Jeudi 21 Juillet a. Kèk individi koupe yon gro pye mango lage sou route la en forme de manifestation pou mande dlo ak kouran nan zone la... more »

Haiti After the Rain - It is a MUDDY Mess in Carrefour

PHOTO: Haiti After the Rain - Carrefour Police Station, it's a MUDDY Mess... The commune of Carrefour Haiti was a muddy mess Monday following torrential rains that brought a tons of mud to the main road blocking traffic for hours... more »

Report: Red Cross Spent 25 Percent Of Haiti Donations On Internal Expenses

Haiti Red Cross The American Red Cross spent a quarter of the money people donated after the 2010 Haiti earthquake -- or almost $125 million -- on its own internal expenses, far more than the charity previously had disclosed, according to a report released Thursday by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley. more »

Electricity in Haiti, or NOT : Having a Refrigerator is NO Use

PHOTO: Haiti - a Refrigerator with only one Cup of Water Inside In Haiti, having a refrigerator is of almost no use to you due to the lack of electricity... Haiti's electric company, Electricité d'Haiti (EDH), turns on the light sometimes late at night and cuts if off early in the morning for the entire day... more »

Florida : Haitian Students Suspended for wearing Haitian Flag Shirts on Haitian Flag Day

PHOTO: Haitian Sudents in Immokalee Hich School Florida Did you know? In Immokalee Florida, a group of Haitian students were suspended and sent home for wearing Haitian flag t-shirts on Haitian Flag Day... What is that all about??? more »

FLASH: Haiti - Another Police Officer Lies DEAD in Aux Cayes Hospital General

PHOTO: Haiti Police - PNH en Deuil Breaking News -- Panic in Aux Cayes Haiti - Another police officer has died from bullet wounds after unknown individuals attacked the UDMO sleeping quarters in the city... more »

Banks in Haiti - ONE Branch Serves an entire Region, Result : Long Lines

Banking in haiti - long lines There is one UNIBANK branch in the city of Hinche Haiti, people drive all the way from Maissade, Marmont, Thomonde, Thomassique, Lospalis, Cerca la Source, Cerca Carvajal for all their banking needs... There are 3 bank tellers at most, and lines are excessively long... more »