Haiti Cholera - Why wont the United Nations (UN) take responsibility?

Everyone is pointing fingers at the United Nations for introducing cholera to Haiti but the United nations is playing politics, they say the evidence is inconclusive, they say they have immunity.

Since its introduction in Haiti, Cholera has killed more than 8,000 people and infected more than 600,000, creating an ongoing epidemic that, sources say, will continue to be problem in Haiti for at least a decade.

So what happens when innocent bystanders are harmed during a U.N. Mission, which is the case for all the cholera victims in Haiti?

"Treaty law requires that when U.N. missions harm innocent bystanders, the organization must provide a forum for victims to seek justice--even if that forum is not a court of law."

Read more: Why the U.N. Should Take Responsibility for Haiti's Cholera Outbreak

The world is watching what is happening in Haiti. If the UN fails to take responsibility for cholera in Haiti, wont that affect their credibility for future missions?

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Maggy Gousse says...

Like in the day's back to Roosevelt, the one who said in regards to haitians: Uhmm Black people speaking French! That is a problem!, the United Nations is not to help but control the world.

Their intention was always a One World Order with population control.

Please go on youtube and look for Agenda 21, depopulation.

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Subject: Haiti Cholera - Why wont the United Nations (UN) take responsibility? edit

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